Friday, July 19, 2024

    This project launched 3 new products in a week!

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    Yet another time, when Isotopic manages the incredible. While other projects display roadmaps stretching years in the future even for a simple Minimum Viable Product, Isotopic abolishes its own, as the graphic designer cannot keep up with the development team!

    Last week, Isotopic announced the release of its Asset Store, which also came with a complete revamp of the Game Store’s interface. Now, the release of the Isotopic SDK is made public, and with it, support for Cross-Game rewards. So what is Isotopic, and how does this project keep on building so many solutions, working with over 260 live game titles?

    A gaming platform for all needs – Already LIVE!

    Browse unlimited games for all platforms on the Isotopic Game Store, discover new games through video content on Isotopic Shorts, and gather all of your favourite games in one place with the Isotopic Client.

    Create your very first videogame with 3D models from the Isotopic Asset Store, connect your own games with the Isotopic ecosystem using the Isotopic SDK, and seamlessly blend with other Game Universes, using Isotopic Cross-Game Assets.

    Just head over to where you’ll find the whole ecosystem!

    The main goal of isotopic – Own your games

    In an ever-growing market of Indie Games, it becomes inefficient and expensive to browse and try out new games that end up sitting in your library without use.

    Isotopic arrives to give you control of your game library, allowing you to truly own your game copies, which can be traded, exchanged, or otherwise repurposed! Tokenized game licences create a new economy with active exchange of game copies between users.This empowers small creators to reach wider audiences and show their talent, while gamers unlock new experiences for minimal cost.

    The latest releases and future of isotopic

    It’s been 3 months into 2024, and already Isotopic’s ecosystem has expanded to nearly double. But in just a week apart from first to last, 3 new solutions see light.

    The Isotopic Asset Store, brings a marketplace for game development assets including 3D Models, prefabs, sounds, effects, and scripts. With the release of the Isotopic SDK, game developers can now integrate the Isotopic Ecosystem into their games, allowing things like login, Cloud Saves, and access to the third solution, Isotopic Cross-Game Assets. Now developers can add rewards into their games, which can transcend game worlds, and users who own them can use them in multiple different games.

    So what is in the future of Isotopic? All of the solutions in the Isotopic Ecosystem are only set to grow even more from now on, with new updates, releases, and developments going live rapidly! Collaborations with gaming projects are in the works, and mean users will get the chance to earn exclusive items and games, so if you are interested in that, you should join the Isotopic Community!

    Latest Posts

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