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    HoneyDAO Partners With Impossible Finance For The Much-Awaited Aethir Public Node Offering

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    Aethir recently announced its highly anticipated Node Sale event, which marks a significant leap forward within the world of decentralized computing. The trailblazing GPU cloud infrastructure provider, known for its innovation and cutting-edge solutions, will commence the public sale on March 20th.

    Aethir’s INO (Initial Node Offering) presents a unique opportunity for everyone to become Node Operators in the Aethir ecosystem. In doing so, these participants can contribute to the decentralization of cloud computing and earn rewards in return.

    HoneyDAO has officially teamed up with Impossible Finance for the Aethir Node Sale. As part of the partnership, users can get a 10% discount on the purchase price of the node when they buy nodes using the HoneyDAO referral link or the code ‘valorem420’ on the checkout page.

    Key Details About The Sale

    By looking ahead in terms of encouraging widespread adoption, the Node Sale event will introduce 100,000 nodes. The first type of node to be made available in the Aethir network is the checker node, which any user can operate to help verify the uptime, latency, quality of service, and computational power provided by future node participants.

    Beginning at $500 per node, users will participate using wrapped ETH (WETH) on the Arbitrum network. It is worth mentioning that there will be no limit on the amount of nodes that can be bought, which helps ensure equal opportunity for everyone involved.

    Moreover, any nodes bought during the sale shall be transferable after 12 months post-sale. Node operators could potentially earn up to 15% of the allocated ATH overall supply that is earmarked for CNOs (Checker Node Operators) over 4 years. As node operators, users are an important part of Aethir’s ecosystem, earning rewards for critical computing contributions once the network is fully operational.

    Aethir’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to universal cloud computing, and users are invited to join this journey through the Initial Public Node Offering on March 20th.

    Why Does The Sale Matter?

    By operating the nodes, the verification of data and service provision can be facilitated and participants will be allowed to earn rewards in the aforementioned ATH tokens, which is the native currency of the Aethir ecosystem. In terms of why this matters, these rewards highlight Aethir’s dedication to creating and maintaining an inclusive and robust community filled with effective and passionate node providers and checkers, all of whom are fully committed to sustaining the integrity of the decentralized cloud infrastructure network.

    The Aethir team stated that adopting a decentralized approach is essential for the network as it allows the ecosystem to solve many of the issues commonly associated with traditional centralized cloud providers. Furthermore, this approach enables Aethir to keep up with the ever-changing computational needs of generative artificial intelligence (AI) as well as various gaming apps.

    About Aethir

    Aethir is a GPU-as-a-service provider that concentrates on solving real computational issues while empowering sectors that rely on GPUs. The company is transforming DePIN with its sophisticated, distributed enterprise-grade GPU-based infrastructure designed specifically for AI and gaming. In this way, Aethir is establishing the path for the future of decentralized computing.

    Aethir managed to secure a mid-seven-figure annual contract with the world’s largest telco, which will increase to eight figures by the second quarter of this year. They are also on track to sign three more enterprise contracts in Q1 2024, and the team has already signed three cloud gaming contracts, with over ten more expected soon, including partnerships with the world’s largest gaming company, which has 150 million+ MAU and a 22% conversion rate. As of now, the Aethir community has grown to more than 170,000 members.

    Lastly, Aethir is a proud member of NVIDIA’s Inception Program, with a robust lineup of H100 chips. Aethir’s mission is supported by top investors such as Maelstrom, Mirana Ventures, Animoca Brands, Sanctor Capital, Hashkey, Merit Circle, CitizenX, IVC, Framework Ventures, and Infinity Ventures Crypto.

    Media Contact:

    Daniel Wang – Co-founder and CBO at Mythos Venture Partners (GP); previously at IVC (Venture Partner), YGG SEA (CIO), Riot Games (Head of International Publishing Management), and Riot Games – China (Head of Operations).

    Kyle Okamoto – Chief Technology Officer. Kyle has previously held the positions of CEO and General Manager for Ericsson’s IoT, Automotive, and Security businesses, as well as CEO of Edge Gravity and Chief Network Officer at Verizon Media.

    Mark Rydon – Co-founder and CEO. Mark has held key positions at NOTA Platform, Flux Capital, Gaas LTD, Kulture Athletics, Inc., and Bechtel Corporation.

    About HoneyDAO

    HoneyDAO is a group of DeFi influencers, experienced investors, crypto developers, and founders who collaborate to improve DeFi one project at a time. The group collaborates closely with funded projects to drive growth in the competitive DeFi ecosystem.

    About Impossible Finance

    Impossible Finance is a blockchain-native research advisory firm that also operates a DeFi launchpad and accelerator. The firm assists projects in getting started, raising funds, scaling, and launching their tokens, while also allowing users to learn about, discover, and invest in high-quality crypto opportunities.

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