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    OrangeDX Announces $1.5M Raised after closing the Early and Private Rounds with Notable Backers like Odiyana Ventures, Triple Gem Capital, GBV Capital

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    OrangeDX released a resounding announcement of $1.5M in funding as the pioneering platform gears up for its highly anticipated launch at the end of March. Strategic investors include GBV Capital, Odiyana Ventures, Triple Gem Capital, , Nxgen, X21 , Spicy Capital | Alphabit Fund | FundLand Capital, and several other strategic partners, affirming the industry’s confidence in OrangeDX’s vision.

    In the summer of 2020, the crypto realm witnessed an unprecedented surge in alternative layer 1 protocols and their vibrant ecosystems. Now, this wave of innovation is sweeping towards the Bitcoin universe, opening up a vast array of opportunities for both the blockchain giant and its user base. Stepping into this dynamic landscape is OrangeDX, a revolutionary platform positioned at the intersection of Bitcoin’s renowned security and the exciting realm of DeFi.

    OrangeDX emerges as a pioneering force, empowering users with seamless abilities to trade, swap, bridge, and launch BRC20 projects effortlessly. Its suite of tools breathes life into countless innovative ventures, offering a playground for creators to explore and give life to their ideas. At the heart of OrangeDX is a native DEX aggregator, a groundbreaking feature designed to provide users with access to gainful trading opportunities.

    “ We are excited to support the adoption of DeFi on Bitcoin. We believe OrangeDX will help unlock the $500B in untapped value on Bitcoin with a Bitcoin Protocol to trade, bridge, launch, earn, borrow and lend, allowing a fresh route to BRC20 ecosystems.” ~Christian, Partner at GBV Capital

    “ With Bitcoin smashing its ATH, the interest in BRC20 has been further ignited. Being the ultimate Bitcoin Defi Hub (for bridging, trading, lending and borrowing and more), OrangeDX is poised to be a major force in the very near future.” ~Lester Lim, X21 Digital

    A distinctive feature of OrangeDX is its commitment to fostering new projects through an innovative Initial Liquidity Offering(ILO) mechanism. This mechanism ensures that new projects can swiftly secure the necessary liquidity pool, speeding up their path to success.

    Positioning itself as a multifaceted Bitcoin protocol platform, OrangeDX places a strong emphasis on delivering a superior user experience and unlocking groundbreaking opportunities. It introduces a new dimension for DeFi enthusiasts, transforming BRC20 projects into realities and contributing to the thriving ecosystem of BRC20.

    The essence of OrangeDX lies in its vision to simplify access to the vast spectrum of the DeFi world while ensuring robust security measures. Beyond a platform, OrangeDX embodies a community-driven movement, set to redefine possibilities within the BRC20 ecosystem.

    OrangeDX’s imminent launch marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem, indicating a new era of innovation, accessibility, and growth within the DeFi landscape.

    OrangeDX IDO Launch Week Kicks Off

    OrangeDX’s Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on esteemed launchpads like, Poolz, Finceptor, and TrustPad underscores its broad support and expanding community. With a successful fundraising of $1.5M from prominent backers and angel investors in early and private rounds, OrangeDX is now extending its platform to a larger audience. The IDO on these launchpads not only offers community members a chance to engage with OrangeDX’s vision but also signifies the industry’s acknowledgment of its potential.

    Important dates:

    IDO : 18th March -23rd March 2024
    Token Generation Event (TGE): 26th March 2024 ( Time: 2pm UTC)

    OrangeDX token $O4DX will be listed in top tier Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges. For further information reach us to our team or follow our social channels.

    OrangeDX Backers

    |GBV Capital | Oddiyana Ventures | Triple Gem Capital | Alphabit Fund | Spicy Capital | Nxgen | FundLand Capital | X21 |

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