Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    io.net and Exabits form a strategic partnership to enhance AI compute accessibility

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    Today marks the beginning of a strategic partnership between io.net and Exabits, aimed at democratizing access to high-performance GPU compute and accelerating AI innovation. As leaders in the decentralized AI and compute sectors, this collaboration will further their shared mission to expand access to high-performance computing resources for all AI developers.

    Exabits, a foundational layer in infrastructure, operates a decentralized network equipped with a robust supply of enterprise-grade GPUs, including high-performance H/A100s, RTX4090s, and A6000s. This network provides AI platforms and developers globally with accelerated, ultra-available compute power, which is critical in an era of unprecedented demand for computational resources amidst a growing scarcity.

    io.net is the backbone of compute connectivity, focusing on AI and machine learning workloads. It clusters and aggregates geo-distributed GPUs and CPUs into a “DePIN of DePINs,” offering capacity within its own network and through partnerships like that with Exabits. By connecting underutilized compute capacity across partner networks, independent data centers, crypto miners, and even consumer devices, io.net offers affordable, on-demand access to over 850,000 GPUs and CPUs to a wide range of users, from independent developers to large-scale enterprises.

    Through this partnership, Exabits will enhance io.net’s network by integrating its acceleration and stabilization middleware, thereby increasing the efficiency and power of the connected GPUs. The deep inventory of Exabits’ enterprise-grade GPU machines will significantly enhance the capability of io.net’s network, enabling broader access to AI-ready compute.

    Both io.net and Exabits believe that the future success of the decentralized compute industry and its convergence with Web 3 and AI depends heavily on the collaboration of early industry leaders. They share a vision for decentralized compute that offers an open, accessible, and affordable alternative to centralized cloud services, emphasizing the need for collaboration to challenge and potentially surpass the big-compute players in the space.

    As the demand for computational power continues to escalate, it is essential that supply channels are expanded to become universally accessible. Exabits and io.net are dedicated to realizing this vision and are actively partnering to make AI compute resources more accessible to the global tech community.

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