Tuesday, July 23, 2024

    LQWD’s Bitcoin Lightning Network Routing Volume Achieves Record Milestone

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    LQWD Technologies Corp., a leading infrastructure and liquidity provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, as well as a holder of Bitcoin as an operational asset, announces the milestone of surpassing over 325,000 in transaction routing volume across the Company’s global node network.

    Since the initial launch of LQWD’s first LN node in November 2021, routing transaction volume is consistently achieving month-over-month organic growth at an impressive rate, with the top performing nodes in Canada, USA, Indonesia, France, and Germany.

    A key factor that has attributed to LQWD’s volume acceleration is the collection of key data points and the implementation of AI to improve performance. Since leveraging AI to optimize and automate channel opening, LQWD’s nodes have now connected to more than 1,000 channels across the network, with the Company’s Canada node ranking amongst the top seven of more than 14,000 reported nodes over the LN network. Moreover, the Company’s Canada node hit record volume in December 2023 with nearly 35,000 transactions routed, which is a substantial volume breakout that can be attributed to LQWD’s AI powered capabilities.

    Shone Anstey, LQWD’s CEO, commented “We are beginning to see a network effect taking place with 1,200% growth in transactions over the LN in the past two years as well as increasing interest and funding from Venture Capital companies. Our team is very excited and can foresee the opportunities for LQWD as the only publicly traded Bitcoin Lightning Network pure play within the rapidly growing eco-system. Furthermore, LQWD is firmly established as a LN focussed company with a revenue generating model in place to capture continued growth of the network and the associated transaction fee revenue.”

    With the completion of the recent private placement, which was fully subscribed predominately by existing shareholders and directors, LQWD is well positioned for organic growth as well as growth through acquisition.

    For more details, check out LQWD Technologies Corp.’s corporate presentation, and stay updated on Lightning Network node growth or connect to our nodes in real time.

    About Lightning Network

    Bitcoin Lightning Network is a payment layer for the internet. LN leverages the power of Bitcoin’s supreme trust protocol, which facilitates instant peer-to-peer transaction faster than any other payment rail. It is reported that LN activity has increased by 1200% over the past two years with participants such as MicroStrategy (MSTR) driving adoption and developing enterprise grade LN tools for business, taking advantage of the unmatched capability of the network.

    Most recently, LN announced the integration of stable coin transaction capability, which opens LN to a much wider user base. Furthermore, many of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges are integrating LN into their platforms as well as forward-thinking global business as LN transacts dramatically faster and cheaper than current payment rails such as Visa and Mastercard.

    About LQWD Technologies

    LQWD is a Bitcoin Lightning Network Liquidity Provider focused on developing payment infrastructure and solutions accelerating the global mega trend of Bitcoin adoption through the Lightning Network. LQWD also owns Bitcoin that is used as an operating asset establishing nodes and payment channels on the Lightning Network.

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