Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Haven1 and DLTPAY announce partnership to build a more robust digital payment ecosystem

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    Haven1, the EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain purpose-built for security, liquidity, and scalability, and DLTPAY, a stablecoin-focussed wallet built for payments, today announced a new collaboration. This linkup aims to propel innovation in the on-chain finance sector by combining Haven1’s fortified ecosystem with DLTPAY’s intuitive payment solutions.

    Haven1 serves as the secure “safe haven blockchain” ecosystem within which DLTPAY will build their advanced payment solutions. Haven1’s rigorous focus on fortification – a suite of audits, risk assessments, and a commitment to proactive threat mitigation – creates a more robust environment where both users and developers can operate with confidence. This allows DLTPAY to focus on what they do best: designing frictionless payment experiences that mirror the ease of Web2, without sacrificing the benefits of decentralization.

    “The crypto space is littered with broken promises and we understand the frustrations of building on chains where security, liquidity and efficient scalability feel like an afterthought,” said Jeff Owens, Co-Founder of Haven1. “As such, we’re thrilled to offer DLTPAY a plot within Haven1’s ‘Safe Haven’ and welcome them into our highly fortified ecosystem. By providing them with tools and a secure space to innovate, we believe they will accelerate the adoption of on-chain payments across various industries.”

    “The security and liquidity needed for a user-friendly stablecoin payment experience are often lacking in the Web3 space. That’s why we chose Haven1, as their security protocols and deep liquidity focus create a safe harbor for developments and integrations,” said Michal Vranec, CTO of DLTPAY. “Haven1’s ethos within the Web3 space aligns perfectly with our mission, allowing us to unleash the power of trusted stablecoin payments within a reliable, developer-friendly, and well-protected environment.”

    This coalition expands on-chain possibilities beyond the means of DeFi. Haven1’s infrastructure is designed to handle a wide range of use cases, from decentralized marketplaces and next-generation gaming dApps to the tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWAs). Haven1’s EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain is designed to offer a secure, trusted environment to drive mass adoption of on-chain finance, while DLTPAY will provide an interface for users to interact with tokens, stablecoins, and other native assets issued on the Haven1 blockchain network.

    As the digital finance sector continues to evolve, the alignment between Haven1 and DLTPAY stands as a testament to the shared vision. It not only highlights the potential of blockchain technology in transforming payment systems but also sets a new standard for security, efficiency, and inclusivity in the digital age.

    Collaboration highlights:

    • Uncompromising security: Haven1’s multi-layered security protocols create a robust foundation for DLTPAY’s payment solutions.
    • Frictionless user experience: DLTPAY leverages Haven1’s secure chain to deliver seamless interactions with tokens, stablecoins, and other compatible assets.
    • Real-World asset gateway: This collaboration positions both Haven1 and DLTPAY to be at the forefront of securely integrating RWAs on-chain.
    • Expanding the ecosystem: The partnership welcomes new use cases for Haven1, driving adoption and unlocking the potential of a truly interoperable L1 ecosystem.

    As a means to accelerate development within the ecosystem, Haven1 recently released its developer grants program, a major initiative supporting the development of its innovative, secure, and scalable Layer 1 blockchain. With a focus on a safeguarded ecosystem and implementation of the provable identity framework, this program offers development grants of up to $100,000 (USD) to support a wide array of projects spanning DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and beyond, fuelling innovation and growth within the blockchain community.

    For more information about the Haven1 and DLTPAY collaboration and their upcoming projects, please visit and

    About Haven1

    Haven1 is the EVM-compatible Layer-1 blockchain purpose-built for security, liquidity, and scalability. As a scam, hack and rug-resistant ecosystem, Haven1 employs network-level security protocols and its proprietary AI-optimized “Well of Deep Liquidity” to create a true Safe Haven for Web3 activity. Designed to be a highly liquid, secure digital vault for the future of on-chan finance, Haven1 pulls and filters liquidity from multiple sources into its “walled-garden ecosystem”, thereby empowering developers to build innovative and reliable decentralized applications across a wide range of industries, from DeFi protocols and next-generation marketplaces to the tokenization of real-world assets.

    About DLTPAY

    DLTPAY is a Web3 payment solution backed by Techstars and Chainlink, integrating blockchain technology with traditional payment systems to bridge the gap between the current financial frameworks and the decentralized finance ecosystem. DLTPAY is dedicated to providing a seamless and secure experience, paving the way for the future of payments.

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