Monday, July 15, 2024

    5thScape Raises Over $1m For World-First VR/AR Crypto – In Presale Now

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    Imagine a world where you can trade with an edge based on the hyper-visualization of a state-of-the-art virtual and augmented reality ecosystem – well that’s just a fraction of what 5thScape ($5SCAPE) is offering, and there’s much more besides.

    First-of-its-kind crypto-powered VR and AR project 5thScape has raised $1.15 million so far in the first stage of its presale.

    5thScape is pitching itself as the world’s first VR/AR mixed-reality platform to truly break boundaries through its integration of crypto tokenization to provide a superior reward experience.

    Eighty percent of the total token supply is available for purchase in the presale. The excitement around the project is shown by the size of the community on social media. 5thScape’s Discord server already has more than 5,400 members, Telegram 16,588, X/Twitter 9,569 and 1,000-plus on its YouTube channel

    Tokenization to play a major role in the future of VR

    5thScape believes that tokenization will play a major role in the future of VR/AR, and its $5SCAPE token is central to its vision. Users will be able to stake $5SCAPE to earn rewards and unlock a wealth of utility-rich features.

    A dynamic staking pool will be in part funded by player subscriptions and participation in virtual experiences. As more players are onboarded it grows the liquidity pool of the ecosystem to provide the basis for attractive and rewarding annual percentage yield from staking activities.

    For gamers, $5SCAPE is the universal currency for unlocking products and services in a seamless transactional environment, such as buying and trading in-game assets and access to premium content.

    On the other hand, for developers $5SCAPE tokens can be earned for building games for the platform and participation in the 5thScape Developer center.

    The initial product offering includes an impressive array of games, from MMA Cage Contest to soccer VR sporting fun Immersive Kickoff, racing game Thrust Hunter and Archery Master, an adventure game where you follow in the footsteps of a legendary archer. Interested parties can join the waitlist for all the games today.

    5thScape chooses Ethereum for its superior technology and vibrant community

    5thScape runs on the Ethereum network and will make use of the Skale Network Layer 2 technology to enable the scaling necessary for gaming and other virtual world activities.

    This is a smart choice. Transaction costs for Layer 2 technologies that run on top of Ethereum’s blockchain are coming down following the Dencun upgrade, so ecosystems like 5thScape’s will be beneficiaries.

    But with VR there is much more than just gaming. Virtual reality technology provides a platform for commerce that will break down the boundaries between industries and magnify the value potential of each.

    From movies to education, there are revolutionary opportunities open to those companies and projects that can harness the technology in a way that makes it appealing and accessible for all.

    The team at 5thScape has thought through how to overcome the barriers to adoption by developing its own hardware and through the innovative use of blockchain-based software.

    Tokenization plus VR Ultra headset and Swiftscape VR chair set 5thScape apart

    To work well, virtual reality and augmented reality need great hardware too. So the team at 5thScape will develop the VR Ultra headset and the Swiftscape VR chair in order to maximize comfort and ergonomics to deliver an immersive experience with precise motion tracking and intuitive controls.

    For all the power and technological innovation (and expense) of Apple’s Vision Pro, much of that can be for naught if the experience of wearing and using the headset is so uncomfortable it limits the engagement with the device and enjoyment.

    The efforts of Meta in this field have certainly in many ways been pioneering – or at least the companies it has acquired have been. Meta’s family of Quest headsets has helped to create a bridgehead for VR while Apple’s mixed reality approach has literally opened the eyes of many to the possibilities, if not the wallets.

    VR is a chance for crypto-native agile tech companies to blossom

    But neither Meta nor Apple, or the other big tech companies, have shown any inclination to leverage the proven benefits of crypto as the foundation for a trustless economy that facilitates players’ value interactions. That means nimble tech-savvy crypto-first innovators like 5thScape can carve out a niche for themselves and establish a competitive advantage.

    The funds being raised in the presale will enable the project to complete the development and manufacture of its hardware and build out the decentralized network infrastructure.

    5thScape is audited by Coinsult and no major issues have been found with its code. Also, the project is fully KYC’d by SolidProof; the team passed the KYC verification process on January 3, 2024.

    Also encouraging for potential investors, a link to CEO Anoj Kumar’s LinkedIn is provided on the website, as are those of the rest of the leadership team.

    An active wallets widget on the homepage shows that there is purchasing activity from countries all over the world, such as Germany, Australia, the United States and Japan, to name a few. $5SPACE token can be bought today with ETH, MATIC, USDT, BNB or card.

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