Monday, July 15, 2024

    Scalable Solutions Introduces Lite Instant Exchange: A Gateway to 300+ Million Users in Crypto

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    Scalable Solutions is a global fintech infrastructure and software powerhouse. Since 2013, their team has been developing institutional-grade trading software that serves as a B2B solution for Exchanges and Brokers to millions of users of the most well-known and trusted trading platforms in the space. Scalable’s clients have processed over $3 billion in daily volumes, over 5 million on chain transfers, with more than 650 digital assets supported.

    Lite Instant Exchange, Scalable’s newest product, is designed for exchanges who are targeting beginner traders looking for a simple and secure way to start trading crypto.

    For Scalable clients, which include digital asset exchanges, brokers, banks and other institutional players, Lite Instant Exchange brings an intuitive, secure exchange that attracts new users daily. The plug-and-play solution means there is no need to build an exchange from scratch; clients can launch their own exchange with deep liquidity within weeks.

    The Lite Instant Exchange combines basic trading tools with a minimalistic and intuitive interface to offer an effortless experience for crypto novices. The white-label solution is designed to attract customers searching for simple send, receive and swap transactions that are one click away.

    The app provides all the necessary functions that a beginner may need: instant swaps across 650+ digital assets, fiat on/off-ramps, internal transfers, withdrawals, and deposits and staking.

    Among benefits, clients can find:

    • All-inclusive liquidity – Scalable’s exchange-as-a-service comes with seamless and automated access to deep liquidity across 1500+ markets. Plus, no collateral is required to connect clients to the liquidity pool.
    • Unlimited listings – Clients can consider new revenue streams via coin or token listings. Scalable can facilitate blockchain integration in 4 weeks and token listings in just 4 days.
    • Regulatory compliance – Lite Instant Exchange supports integrations with dozens of industry-leading regulatory services that know exactly what the local regulators want, ensuring your business meets all the regulatory requirements, including custody, KYC, KYT, and AML procedures.
    • Battle-tested security – Scalable’s decade-tested security has never undermined their clients’ trust and loyalty. Scalable’s platfoms are SOC2 Type II certified and regularly undergo platform penetration testing.
    • High-quality UX design – Lite Instant Exchange’s interface is easy to navigate, with all functions being up to 4 clicks away.
    • Maximized User Engagement and Retention – Clients can create custom marketing campaigns in the back office, along with referral programs to maximize user acquisition.

    Scalable Solutions developed Lite Instant Exchange as a compelling solution to attract a new wave of crypto adopters. It caters to all essential exchange functions, with the best user experience in mind. Combined with all-inclusive liquidity and state-of-the-art security that comes with all Scalable products, Lite Instant Exchange becomes a plug-and-play solution for sustainable business that can bring clients millions of loyal users.

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