Monday, July 15, 2024

    Win a free smart contract audit from Hashlock: Supporting projects in the industry

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    Hashlock is an industry leading smart contract auditing and blockchain cybersecurity firm. To accelerate innovation within the blockchain ecosystem and empower informed decisions in the crypto space, Hashlock will support three projects with complimentary smart contract audits – sign up now!

    Hashlock is building a stronger, safer future for blockchain. This initiative offers three blockchain projects the chance to receive a complimentary, comprehensive security audit of their smart contracts by Hashlock’s team of seasoned professionals, building a strong security foundation for their projects and fostering user trust.

    As a project owner, this giveaway is your chance to:

    Solidify your project’s security: Hashlock’s meticulous audit process will uncover and address potential vulnerabilities in your smart contracts before they can be exploited.
    Boost community confidence: A clean audit report from a trusted security firm like Hashlock demonstrates your commitment to user safety and instills trust in your project.
    Gain valuable insights: The detailed audit report will provide actionable recommendations to further enhance your project’s security posture.

    Calling all blockchain projects!

    This competition is open to all blockchain projects, at any stage of development. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a budding entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, Hashlock’s expertise can help you build a secure and successful future for your project.

    Ready to apply?

    Head over to the application form to submit your project for consideration. Don’t miss this opportunity to safeguard your project and propel it towards success!

    About Hashlock

    Hashlock is the industry leader in smart contract auditing and blockchain cybersecurity. Their team of world-class security experts provides comprehensive solutions that empower businesses and developers to build trust and mitigate risk within the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

    Learn more about hashlock

    For more information on Hashlock and their industry-leading security services, visit their website

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