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    Orisun Revolutionizes Crypto Gaming with Integrating Pi Coin and Introducing Co-Ownership concept

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    In a groundbreaking move poised to reshape the digital iGaming landscape, Orisun, a trailblazer in the gaming and investment sector, announces its revolutionary initiative to transform the crypto gaming experience. Through its latest creation,, the company introduces two unprecedented features—Pi coin integration and gaming platform co-ownership—ushering in a new era of opportunities for players and investors alike

    Pi Coin Integration and Unprecedented User Access

    A key strategic move by involves the seamless integration of Pi Coin, the native currency of the Pi Network ecosystem, into its gaming platform. This integration opens the door to nearly 50 million users from the Pi network, establishing as the first iGaming platform to effortlessly support Pi coin, giving it a substantial competitive advantage in user numbers.

    Unveils Three “Easy” Pillars Redefining Crypto Gaming Experience introduces “Easy-to-play” games with straightforward mechanics, promising high returns with certified fairness. The platform ensures 24/7 support, making it user-friendly even for beginners. prioritizes simplicity, ensuring that players can effortlessly engage with the gaming experience. For individual investors seeking a stable income, presents the “Easy-to-invest” feature by integrating crypto staking into its model. Investors can stake their funds in the Gamebank, earning returns from the platform’s profits. The high return on investment (ROI) is based on the substantial number of playing rounds and amounts, providing a lucrative investment avenue.

    The innovation doesn’t stop there. extends an invitation to Pi community managers to become co-owners of the site through the “Easy-to-own” method. Proof-of-ownership is achieved via Game NFTs, allowing community managers to actively participate in shaping the platform’s trajectory and earning a share of the revenue. This democratizes access to the online iGaming market and fosters a sense of community among investors, allowing them to build and earn from gaming as a sustainable source of income. This flexibility empowers users to tailor their approach to suit their preferences and objectives, whether they are gaming enthusiasts seeking entertainment or astute investors looking to capitalize on the growing crypto gaming market.

    A Hub of Community and Innovation pride itself on being more than just a gaming platform – it is a thriving community-driven platform committed to fostering growth and innovation. The “for community” ethos is reflected in various initiatives aimed at engaging Pioneers and creating a vibrant ecosystem. actively encourages community growth through a range of activities designed for Pioneers. From referral programs to daily quests and community contests, the platform provides avenues for users to not only enjoy the platform but also benefit from active participation.

    One of the missions of is collaborating with Pi community managers worldwide, forging connections, and building user communities through enticing offers. Through voting mechanisms and the submission of ideas, they actively contribute to the evolution of This collaborative approach ensures that the platform continues to evolve with the needs and preferences of the user base.

    Upcoming IDO and Global Launch

    Orisun recently announced its first IDO for NFTs on its website The sale, scheduled from Feb 5 to Feb 10, offers the first 40 NFTs exclusively to investors to buy with the Pi coin. is set to go live in Feb 2024, reaching pioneers and enthusiasts worldwide.

    With these innovative concepts, emerges as a notable player in the crypto gaming sector. Investors are urged to explore opportunities with and as the platform continues to redefine the future of crypto gaming.

    About Orisun

    Orisun N.V stands as the pioneer of the crypto gaming hub, offering innovative and legitimate crypto gaming platforms that cater to diverse customer segments, including individual players and groups of investors. Its mission is to bring various investment opportunities to igaming sector with high and steady income, totally safe and trustworthy. With the successful launch of four gaming sites and a launchpad, backed by a robust user base and substantial capital, Orisun N.V is poised to assert its dominance in the ever-evolving of iGaming and cryptocurrency markets.


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