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    Coinstore is pioneering excellence in digital asset trading for emerging markets

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    Coinstore looks back upon its journey so far in shaping the future of global cryptocurrency exchanges. Since its inception in December 2020, Coinstore has been committed to revolutionizing the trading experience for digital assets and championing the growth of emerging high-growth markets.

    Embracing emerging markets by fueling growth & innovation

    Coinstore’s rise to prominence is a testament to its strategic approach and unwavering dedication to innovation. Guided by a team of seasoned financial and blockchain experts, the platform has firmly established itself as a beacon of excellence in the digital asset trading realm.

    Amidst the challenging landscape of the industry, unforeseen market shifts like those involving Terra and FTX, Coinstore’s rapid growth is underpinned by a clear market strategy, long-term goals, and a commitment to continuous operational enhancements while simultaneously ensuring both the safety and comfort of the users at all times.

    A visionary platform

    Headquartered in Singapore, Coinstore stands out for its focus on premium assets and exclusive premier listings from around the world. Through meticulous business logic analysis and positioning, Coinstore has differentiated itself in the dynamic and always evolving crypto exchange landscape.

    Operating as “The Premier Global Platform For Exclusive Premier Listings,” Coinstore places an emphasis on exceptional product and service experiences, redefining the standards of quality and innovation. The platform’s commitment to expanding tradable high-quality assets, enhancing trading experiences, and maximizing investment returns prominently underscores its dedication to users’ success.

    Coinstore’s product ecosystem

    Coinstore’s innovative spirit has fueled its continuous evolution, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Over the past two years, the platform has excelled in digital asset spot trading and introduced groundbreaking features.

    To that end, the successful launch of Coinstore’s Launchpad in August 2022, which showcased 18 projects with an impressive average oversubscription rate of 92%, stands as a testament to the platform’s ability to foster innovation and engagement. These projects also received 41 times the Prime oversubscription rate, raising a total of 4.55 million USDT. By June, the average value of Prime-launched projects had increased by 1071%.

    Furthermore, the introduction of CS Live, Coinstore’s in-platform live streaming brand, and the pioneering Web3 initiative underline the platform’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of virtual asset services. ‘CS Connect’ and ‘Cryptalk,’ Coinstore’s offline conference brands, foster local connections and knowledge sharing.

    Thus far, over 15 conferences have brought together project teams, media, key opinion leaders, and investors from emerging markets. Introduced in September 2022, programs like Teamster and CS League engage local KOLs to support Coinstore’s online promotion endeavors, with 978 captains participating by 2023.

    Coinstore’s comprehensive support

    Coinstore’s commitment to projects goes beyond mere listings, encompassing comprehensive and tailored support throughout their lifecycle. The dedicated delivery department assigns specialists to oversee every facet, from listing to marketing, operations, and technical support.

    Moreover, customized plans are aligned with the platform’s requirements and evolving market dynamics, ensuring the highest quality standards. With a focus on enriching application scenarios and community engagement, Coinstore is dedicated to elevating project quality through rigorous assessment criteria and professional risk controls.

    Cultivating global markets

    Coinstore’s global impact extends to a strategic network of sites and business centers, strategically positioned in emerging markets. With 13 centers globally and over 200 international staff across numerous countries, Coinstore brings localized expertise to users worldwide.

    Coinstore has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kadin Bandung, a prominent business association. Additionally, we have entered into an agreement with AFAB, the Philippine’s free trade authority. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering mutually beneficial partnerships.

    A user-centric approach

    Central to Coinstore’s mission is its user-centric approach, positioning it as the “Swiss Bank” of exchanges. The platform prioritizes user needs and asset security through round-the-clock multilingual customer support, asset recovery initiatives, and unwavering dedication to user satisfaction. As digital assets shape a new era, Coinstore’s unwavering focus on security, exceptional customer experiences, and robust infrastructure positions it as a premier digital asset services platform.

    About Coinstore

    Coinstore is a global digital asset trading platform with a strong emphasis on emerging high-growth markets. The platform has over 3.6 million registered users as well as a peak daily transaction volume of 110,000 users as of May 2023. With services spanning 175 countries and regions, Coinstore’s services are available on a global scale with Indonesia, India, and Nigeria having the highest user populations.

    Coinstore’s ten-year vision encapsulates its determination to revolutionize the digital world and deliver unprecedented value. Rooted in industry integrity, collaboration, and user-centric principles, Coinstore’s mission is centered on being the foremost digital asset service platform. Coinstore is set to continue solidifying its status as the premier global platform in emerging markets by preparing to surpass the 10 million user mark by 2025.

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