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    Monitok Unveils Points program to promote self-custody between crypto users

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    Vilnius, Lithuania, March 18, 2024Monitok, a next-gen self-custodial exchange that combines features of both decentralized and centralized trading platforms, recently announced its Monitok rewards program. To celebrate their new project’s launch, the team is giving away 10,000,000 points. This announcement further hints at a future token airdrop from the pool of 100,000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies.

    Joining the Monitok waitlist provides participants with a unique referral link, which they can use to earn Monitok points by sharing it and referring their contacts. These 10,000,000 points are not only transferable across different incentivization campaigns within Monitok, but can also be accumulated through active engagement with the project. These points represent a potential future investment, as they can be converted into MNT tokens upon launch.

    What is the objective of the campaign?

    At the core of Monitok’s referral campaign is the goal to create a strong community of people who share a vision of one of crypto’s main principles: ownership of assets.

    How to join?

    1. Sign up to the Monitok waitlist
    2. Receive a personalized referral link
    3. Invite friends, family, and followers to join the waitlist 
    4. The more people you invite, the more Monitok points you accumulate, which will be convertible into MNT tokens after the token’s launch


    MNT tokens are a cornerstone of the Monitok ecosystem, designed to facilitate transactions, reward participation, and encourage investment within the platform. Additionally, users can acquire MNT tokens through active engagement with the app. Furthermore, MNT tokens can be utilized for payments or to obtain discounts on services, access premium features, or generate yield through staking.

    “Our mission is to fill up the gap between DEX and CEX by inviting more people to embrace self-custody. “

    Why Participate?

    . By joining the waitlist and participating in the referral program, members can:

    • Gain early access to the app: Secure early access to the platform and take advantage of its benefits.
    • Split 10,000,000 Monitok points with fellow participants: Gather Monitok points, by engaging with the community and platform.
    • Secure a spot in $100,000 worth of MNT token airdrops: Convert your points to MNT tokens during airdrops.


    To ensure a fair and transparent experience for all participants, Monitok has meticulously prepared the terms and conditions of the referral program. These guidelines define the dos and don’ts of the referral process, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable campaign for all.

    About Monitok

    Monitok, established in 2022, is a hybrid crypto exchange with self-custody as its key feature. As the first hybrid crypto exchange built on the Arbitrum Network, Monitok is committed to helping users trade smarter by providing a secure, one-stop-shop crypto trading solution. The platform enables users to manage their assets in self-custodial wallets and access the best token rates by aggregating over 100 decentralized exchanges. Additionally, it provides easy fiat on and off-ramps and plans to launch a crypto debit card. Through its referral program, Monitok encourages the adoption of self-custodial trading, rewarding members for their support.

    For more information, visit:
    Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Discord | Telegram

    Or contact: [email protected]

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