Wednesday, August 10, 2022

    One River Digital Asset Management announces the creation of ONE Digital SMA, powered by Coinbase Prime technology

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    One River Digital Asset Management is pleased to announce the creation of ONE Digital SMA, a separately managed account powered by Coinbase Prime technology. This integrated offering breaks new ground in the delivery of digital investment strategies and services, while providing an early look at the future of asset management in a financial system transitioning to blockchain-enabled infrastructure. ONE Digital SMA is available today for Institutions, and in time, for Wealth Management.

    ONE Digital SMA delivers institutional-quality digital investment strategies directly to a Coinbase Prime account. One River Digital and Coinbase Prime worked together, mapping investment processes, operational workflows, security requirements, permissions and seamless API integrations. In collaboration, Coinbase Prime and One River Digital combine the benefits of the leading Prime trading and custody platform for digital assets, backed by the largest public cryptocurrency exchange, with the institutional fiduciary manager that executed the first large institutional allocation to digital assets1.

    A Coinbase Prime user can now access an institutional index and active strategies through ONE Digital SMA, all the while retaining direct ownership of their digital assets. Direct ownership of digital assets in a customer’s Coinbase Prime account is critical as it allows investors to achieve optimal transparency, security, and cost. Further, it can help maximize future return potential by enabling value-added services, such as staking.

    Registered investment advisors and private wealth platforms have been asking for best-in-class digital market access, research perspectives, and investment opportunities. At the same time, they need to integrate these new investments into their existing platforms and accounting systems. ONE Digital SMA will deliver integrated market access and investment opportunities for Wealth Management firms. Financial advisors will be able to securely manage an increasingly larger proportion of their clients’ assets, especially as asset tokenization accelerates. These clients will benefit from market-leading access, custody, and institutional-quality investment management.

    “As asset owners continue to move from digital research towards digital implementation in 2022, we are finding that many clients prefer to own digital assets in their own segregated account,” said Brett Tejpaul, Head of Coinbase Institutional. “These asset owners also want the same quality of investment management services that they are accustomed to in traditional investments. ONE Digital SMA is the best of both worlds – it delivers market-leading access and secure custody via Coinbase Prime and institutional grade investment products and services from One River Digital. We are thrilled to partner again with One River Digital to meet clients’ evolving needs.”

    “Building on top of the Coinbase Prime technology to deliver ONE Digital SMA led us to push boundaries on the best possible user experience,” said Jasmine Burgess, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Risk Officer of One River Digital. “Clients were previously unable to access actively managed investment services in their Coinbase account, including something as simple as staking. By carefully understanding each of our technical environments, we can deliver managed accounts with institutional security and complete transparency in real time – inaugurating a new era for all SMAs beyond simply crypto underlyings. We are excited to break new ground with ONE Digital SMA, in partnership with Coinbase Prime.”

    “We found that clients are increasingly seeking high-quality, diversified exposure that evolves with the market – and they need it integrated in their Prime platforms,” said Sebastian Bea, President of One River Digital. “One River Digital and Coinbase Prime leapt into action, and the resulting investment strategies are now available for institutional investors. “

    “ONE Digital SMA is fundamental to how investment strategies and services will be delivered to institutions and private wealth platforms in the future,” said Eric Peters, CEO and CIO of One River. “Blockchain technologies allow vastly more efficient trading and settlement, and this will push the financial system to tokenize the majority of real and financial assets. Traditional asset management products and services will increasingly be delivered in client-owned digital wallets. Commingled funds, mutual funds, and even ETFs, will ultimately become obsolete,” explained Peters. “One River is building the technologies, infrastructure and partnerships necessary to accelerate the path towards this better future.”

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