Sunday, December 5, 2021

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    FAM Central catches the NFT trend and creates a “golden valley” – where NFT can shine

    Recently, NFT has taken the world by storm, not only for its unique value but also for the variation inapplicability that it brings. Not only being widely applied in the crypto world, but NFT is also gradually entering the physical world. One of the very potential areas for mass adoption is the cinema and entertainment industry. This is an area with a large fanbase, therefore, we call this the “Fan Economy”.

    The fan economy has been around for a long time, but there is a lack of projects or artists that can exploit this potential to create an economic model, a strong and sustainable connection, and maintain a hundred-year lasting community like the world’s leading entertainment corporations: Marvel, Disney, etc. Fanvestor is the idea that FAM Central created to help fans both satisfy their passion for entertainment while having fun and generate income as an investor.

    FAM CENTRAL – Where NFT is most widely and practically applied in the physical world

    FAM Central is an investment and entertainment ecosystem for Fanvestor (Fan + Investor) based on blockchain technology, combining NFT and DEFI. FAM Central works with partners in the film and entertainment sectors for the purpose of creating unique experiences for the Fanvestor community with new technologies such as investing in cinema and entertainment projects, purchasing exclusive NFTs items, participating in an open financial ecosystem dedicated to the entertainment industry, gaining voting rights in projects, having deep interaction with each project, and receiving many incentives from the system which depends on their Membership rank.

    The biggest difference of FAM Central lies in the idea of connecting the digital world and the physical world, entering everyday life, and being familiar with people to create different experiences for fans.

    FAM NFT – The key to make the Entertainment Industry more valuable

    Artists/KOLs create new influence and value on the NFT platform: FAM Central aims to build and collaborate with Artists/KOLs to release NFT collections, interactive games with NFT rewards, NFT gratitude gifts for the fan community,… to increase revenue and assets for Artists from the fans’ support, which makes Artists and their fans more connected.

    Movie projects exploit NFT for commercials, which make the projects more valuable: FAM Central creates a platform to make movie projects come closer to the fans, where fans can own and become part of a movie project, get closer to actors, footage, movie objects, or even a red carpet ticket.

    NFT holders not only enjoy NFTs as a hobby of collectibles but can also buy, sell or transfer them at various times, they can also convert NFTs into Vouchers for consumption in the world of entertainment.

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