Friday, December 9, 2022

    Crypto DeXit Network Launches MainNet Blockchain Despite Staggering Bear Market

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    Today, crypto DeXit Network announced the release of their MainNet Blockchain Network, which advances them a quantum step closer to their planned complete blockchain ecosystem. The release immediately follows a successful Certik code audit. Certik is recognized as the industry standard for crypto-related security audits. MainNet provides the framework for hosting the native DXT token and virtually any blockchain or Web 3 applications with complete Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. Two additional elements remain planned for release, but the launch of MainNet allows DeXit to immediately develop and host applications on their blockchain. The first of the two, the Cross Chain Bridge, is under current implementation and will facilitate seamless transfers between DeXit and major blockchains such as Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon. The final ecosystem elements, the DeXit Decentralized Exchange and NFT Marketplace, are anticipated for March-April 2023 release.

    “This is a tremendous and exciting accomplishment for DeXit Network and the DeXit community,” said DeXit Network founder, Tejen Bhandari. He went on to say, “We are now part of the blockchain arena and we intend to be a top-tier blockchain competitor and performer. We encourage developers to immediately contact us regarding hosting their applications on the DeXit Network and start receiving up to 45% rebates on their transaction fees.” When asked about the wisdom of releasing MainNet in the midst of a crypto bear market, Bhandari said, “We are virtually unaffected by the current bear market due to our nearly zero debt and lean operating business practices, so releasing MainNet now positions us perfectly as the bear market begins to shift bullish once again.”

    DeXit Network started operations on the Binance Smart Chain, however, they now operate within their own proprietary blockchain, competing with other blockchains such as Binance, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon and others. Their up to 45% transaction fee rebates for developer’s applications over the life of their project on MainNet is a considerable incentive for development on the MainNet. Interested developers are urged to contact DeXit for information regarding hosting their application on the DeXit MainNet. DeXit (DXT) is available through Hotbit, BitMart, Coinsbit, and PancakeSwap.

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