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    Antier Steers Skoda’s NFT Drive: 128 NFTs Sold Out Within 128 Minutes

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    Airdropping happiness for car enthusiasts in India, Skoda sells out 128 NFTs in a record 128 minutes of the launch. Steering the wheels of this expedition is Antier, India’s largest blockchain consulting firm that worked with the car maker to design, mint and airdrop NFTs.

    With a strong foundation in building layer-1 protocols, DEFI, metaverse, NFTs, asset tokenization, and a wide range of custom projects, Antier has been enabling global enterprises in venturing into NFTs.

    Creating Beautiful ‘Unrealities’ in the Skodaverse

    Launched under the label Skodaverse, the campaign introduced a limited edition of 128 unique digital collectibles. The NFTs go beyond being digital assets; they are windows to a world of memories and personal narratives. Crafted by a collective of an adept team at Antier, each NFT is a bespoke masterpiece that captures the essence of the owner’s unique travel and exploration stories.

    These NFTs were made on the NEAR Protocol, a project recognised for its commitment to carbon neutrality and certified by the South Pole.

    These tokens are not just about celebrating Skoda’s legacy; they are about empowering individuals to immortalize their own journeys. Whether it’s a cross-country road trip, a family adventure, or a solo expedition into the unknown, each NFT becomes a visual diary, preserving the essence of those unforgettable moments.

    Antier: Pioneering the NFT Drive

    Antier influence extends far beyond individual projects. The firm stands as a guiding light for global enterprises embarking on their Web3 journey. With a rich tapestry of blockchain solutions, Antier empowers businesses to harness the vast potential of blockchain technology, NFTs, decentralized applications, and beyond.

    As a trailblazing blockchain consulting firm, Antier has consistently proven its mettle in driving enterprise innovation, helping businesses adapt to a world where decentralization, tokenization, and blockchain technologies redefine the very fabric of industries. Antier stands at the forefront of this transformative wave, providing the expertise and solutions needed to navigate the complex Web3 landscape and emerge as pioneers in their respective domains.

    Antier’s CEO Vikram R Singh states, “Our partnership with Skoda India testifies the increasing adoption of blockchain. Beyond the creation of NFTs, it’s about fostering creativity, individuality, and a sense of belonging within the community. This is just the beginning of an exciting journey.”

    The collaboration represents just one example of how Antier is catalyzing the transition of global enterprises into the Web3 era, making innovation and customer engagement central pillars of the digital future.

    Antier’s Ambitious Road Ahead

    Antier’s pioneering work for Skodaverse’s NFTs marks only the first lap of an exhilarating race. Both companies are working towards further enriching the customer experience and community engagement through innovative blockchain initiatives, continually pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology.

    For Antier, this partnership with Skoda India represents a testament to their commitment to lead the charge in blockchain innovation. Antier’s global presence, spanning five offices across key regions, positions them as a premier partner for businesses seeking to navigate the Web3 landscape with confidence and innovation.

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