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    Innovative Ai Game Project ‘CodeMong Ai / $CoAi

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    Code Mong is a TCG game based on augmented reality and Ai technology. When playing the Code Mong game, markers (physical cards and NFTs) are required depending on the mode.

    It was thought that the way a character is created by pointing a marker at a smartphone camera is similar to the way a QR code is projected, so the name of the game, Code Mong, was created by combining the QR code code and the monster Mong.

    This is a game where you raise each character in Tamagotchi form, collect money (staking) through Idle Mode, and exercise your skills through Adventure Mode and Battle Mode. Each character is equipped with its own AI, so their actions and reactions are all different. Through this, it is possible to better develop each character’s characteristics.

    The CodeMong Ai project has issued the Solana-based $CoAi token. $CoAi tokens are used to purchase physical cards and NFTs, strengthen characters, and purchase characters, and can be liquidated into cash by earning rewards according to various modes.

    In addition, you can generate profits by trading your own NFTs, physical cards, and characters in the form of an auction on the CodeMong Ai Market.

    CodeMong Ai is comprised of technology development teams from Vietnam and Korea, where the gaming industry is most active in the world.

    CodeMong Ai aims to become a leader in Ai TCG games in the future and grow into a huge game platform project through M&A of indie games and release of follow-up games.


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