Monday, July 15, 2024

    NiftyKit Integration with Base Empowers Innovators and Creators with No-Code, Free NFT Creation

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    Today, NiftyKit, the renowned no-code NFT platform, announced its integration with Base, the Ethereum L2 incubated by Coinbase. NiftyKit makes it easy to create and sell NFTs with no-code smart contracts. This integration with Base not only amplifies the creative potential for artists by providing a more scalable and efficient blockchain platform, but also enhances the experience for creators and collectors through improved transaction speeds and reduced costs, fostering a more vibrant and accessible NFT creation tool. It empowers creators and makes NFT technology more accessible than ever, which will ultimately help bring NFTs into the mainstream.

    Introducing ‘Base Diamonds’ NFT

    To commemorate this integration, NiftyKit proudly unveils the ‘Base Diamonds’ NFT. This unique NFT features the mesmerizing artwork of Sarah Script, a trailblazer in blending traditional calligraphy with digital art. Sarah Script, celebrated for her work with prestigious clients like Goop and Tiffany & Co., and known for her book “Copperplate Calligraphy from A to Z,” has also been honored as CoinDesk’s Most Influential Artist. The ‘Base Diamonds’ NFT embodies the spirit of onchain innovation and the collaborative spirit of the creator community.

    Expanding Opportunities for Builders and Creators with Base Integration

    NiftyKit’s Base integration helps extend NFT innovation beyond artists to encompass innovators, builders, and creators of all kinds. This collaboration combines Base’s scalable blockchain with NiftyKit’s intuitive tools, offering an accessible, efficient path to digital asset creation and management. At the heart of this integration lies the Diamond Smart Contracts on Base, which simplify technical challenges and empower creators to evolve their digital assets with ease and flexibility, even without a technical background. Low cost and fast onchain transactions help open doors to a more diverse, inclusive, and creative digital future.

    Base’s affordability empowers innovators to invest more in their creative endeavors and less in technical complexities. NiftyKit’s Diamond Smart Contracts provide the agility and adaptability needed to stay at the forefront of innovation and imagination. It simplifies the process and helps creators stay on top of their collections’ evolution.

    “We believe that this integration with Base will be a game-changer, empowering creators and brands alike with accessible and affordable experiences,” said Dan Carr, Co-founder and CEO of NiftyKit. “Our mission revolves around enabling creators and brands to launch distinctive Web3 experiences effortlessly. We are thrilled to continue our journey of innovation by enabling no-code smart contracts for NFTs on the Base platform.”

    Jesse Pollak, Creator of Base, said, “We’re excited to welcome NiftyKit to Base, and to enable creators to more easily launch their projects using NiftyKit contracts.”

    About NiftyKit

    NiftyKit is a comprehensive no-code NFT platform for creators and teams to mint, manage, and sell NFT digital collectibles without requiring developer assistance. It offers features like unlimited minting on multiple blockchains, secure and audited smart contracts, true ownership of NFTs, team collaboration tools, and a versatile app marketplace. NiftyKit enables revenue sharing, token access for NFT holders, customizable hosted sites, and embeddable mint buttons. It’s designed to be a powerful, secure, and user-friendly solution for engaging with the NFT space.

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