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    Acta Finance: Leading the charge in DeFi innovation

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    The crypto markets have been recovering over the last two months after a 14-month downtrend, which eliminated many projects launched at the end of the previous bull run. While other projects failed to fundraise or wasted investor money, Acta Finance has been developing its ecosystem minimum viable product (MVP) and recently started marketing its products on the Avalanche testnet.

    Acta Finance empowers individuals and organizations to vote for their financial future

    Acta Finance is a stand-alone for many reasons, notably its people-first mindset and “Acta Non Verba (Acts Not Words)” philosophy. With a focus on transparency, security and accessibility, Acta Finance is building a decentralized financial protocol that introduces many centralized features on-chain for the first time to combat manipulation, corruption and abuse of passive earning features. The comprehensive suite of tools and resources is designed to help both experienced financial professionals and those just starting to manage their financial well-being.

    The company aims to help users optimize their financial strategy, make informed decisions, and achieve long-term goals. Acta Finance is more than just a protocol — it is a community of individuals and organizations working toward a shared vision of a more abundant, innovative and inclusive financial future.

    The Acta Finance MVP — now on testnet

    The ActaFi ecosystem offers a vast suite of products, including ActaFi staking, ActaFi farming, ActaFi wNFTs, ActaFi referral program, ActaFi address milestones, ActaFi swap, ActaFi liquidity aggregator and the ActaFi DAO program. These products have been completed and audited, and are available on the ActaFi testnet. The tools are designed to make it easier for users to manage their assets and earn passive income, while the enormity of the ecosystem as a whole serves as a one-stop-shop for everything decentralized finance (DeFi), with further development plans in the works.

    First project to utilize a DAO to decide go-to-market

    Acta Finance is progressive in its technology but is also the first project utilizing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to decide whether it should go to market. On Feb. 6, 2023, Acta Finance launched their first ever DAO vote, putting the decision on whether Acta Finance’s native (ACTA) token would go to market at the end of Q1, 2023, in the hands of its testnet governors (compiled of simple agreement for future token holders and partners with pledged services). The DAO vote closed on Feb. 22 with an 80.95% vote in favor of going to market, which means huge upcoming efforts from the entire Acta Finance network to ensure a successful token generation event (TGE). This achievement is significant for the company, as it shows its true dedication to being a community-guided ecosystem while setting the company in motion toward its next milestone — the TGE. On a broader level, it’s also a major step forward for the whole DeFi industry — standing as an example of how DAOs can be used to navigate challenging markets and decisions effectively.

    A community activity reward like none other

    Acta Finance has always emphasized the importance of its community, and now it’s proving it. The company has launched a “Grow The ActaFam” engagement airdrop competition on Crew3, featuring a vast array of quests and a whopping go-to-market rewards pool of 292,500 ACTA — three times the size of the regular monthly rewards pool offered post-TGE! Every day, new quests will be available for competitors to complete and gain serious experience points (XP) from. Here’s what you need to know:

    • Contest Type: Crew3 Bounty Campaign.
    • When: Started Monday, Feb. 27, 2023,
    • Go-to-market round one duration: Feb. 27, 12:00 am ET–May 1, 11:59 pm ET.
    • Exclusive go-to-market round one rewards pool: 292,500 ACTA — 3x the regular rewards pool, with a value of $39,487 USDT.
    • Monthly rewards: 0.05% of the total token supply (97,500 ACTA).
    • Join the competition and view quests here:

    The Grow The ActaFam engagement airdrop competition will be fierce, but the ultimate goal is to grow the ActaFam community and reward its most passionate members. Remember, every day, there will be new quests to complete and inviting your friends gains you a ton of XP.

    ACTA going to market and beyond

    Acta Finance’s initial dex offerings are scheduled for near the end of March and into April. Currently, the company is consulting Paid Ignition and Avata Network to determine appropriate ticket size revisions to ensure a successful fundraiser before launching on Avalanche (exact dates TBA). The journey to listing is a grand feat, and Acta Finance is fully equipped not just to undertake it but to continue pioneering true innovation in the DeFi industry all along the way and long afterward.

    The ActaFi ecosystem is designed to empower individuals and organizations to take control of their financial futures. Acta Finance’s use of a DAO for decision-making, and its Crew3 community competition, demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity, transparency and community involvement. Its active steps toward listing now that the decision has been made show beyond doubt that actions stand behind all of its words. Join the ActaFam today to ensure you don’t miss it and be a part of this transformative company and community.

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