Friday, July 19, 2024

    Magpie Protocol API Gets First Integration in Mainline ALPHA

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    Magpie Protocol announces its integration into the AI-powered auto-trading copilot, Mainline ALPHA, in what is the first integration of Magpie Protocol’s API. This integration will allow Mainline ALPHA users to leverage Magpie’s proprietary routing algorithm for fast, secure, and efficient cross-chain swaps.

    Mainline ALPHA is a platform offering each user a personalized AI based on their trading preferences. It lets users select their preferred risk and automation levels. At the same time, the AI learns from each interaction, giving it the ability to make informed automated trades for the user when allowed to do so.

    Magpie Protocol is a decentralized liquidity aggregation protocol designed to provide the best swap deals across the top blockchains without requiring the bridging of any assets. It harnesses liquidity from existing DEXs, bridging liquidity chains both within and cross-chain to reduce fragmentation and maximize liquidity usage.

    Integrating Magpie’s API will allow Mainline ALPHA to trade a large selection of tokens across multiple blockchain networks seamlessly. Magpie Beta currently works across 8 chains: Ethereum, Polygon PoS, BNB Smart Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon zkEVM, and Base, with more on the way.

    Magpie API

    Magpie offers its API for other DeFi platforms looking to leverage its cross-chain capabilities. This API provides endpoints designed to cater to various aspects of quotes for on-chain swaps, cross-chain swaps, bridge types, liquidity sources, etc.

    Magpie API endpoints facilitate a range of functionalities. These include quotes for the swaps, balances, and networks supported for swapping and more complex operations like distributions. Each endpoint has detailed documentation telling developers of its specific purpose, required input parameters, and the structure of the output data as well as clear examples of usage.

    Magpie’s API gives DeFi platforms an opportunity to provide their users with a larger pool of trade prospects in a capital-efficient way rather than limiting swaps to a handful of native assets and stablecoins. For instance, integrating with Magpie grants Mainline ALPHA access to thousands of tokens that users can securely and efficiently swap cross-chain.

    The Magpie-Mainline ALPHA co-integration is completely abstracted from the user to create a trading experience that would otherwise be impossible with existing bots.

    About Magpie

    Magpie Protocol is a decentralized liquidity aggregation protocol for cross-chain swaps. It is designed to solve two major issues in DeFi: Bridging and liquidity aggregation. Magpie protocol focuses on speed, security, ease of use, gas fees, user experience, and aggregation to create a fast and gas-efficient solution to cross-chain swaps. This allows it to provide the best deal on any asset across the top blockchains without needing to bridge.

    Magpie’s vision is to shape the future of how people interact with financial systems built on decentralized technology. It is non-custodial, meaning the user retains custody of their tokens.

    About Mainline Alpha

    Mainline Alpha is an Omni-Chain, AI-powered, auto trading copilot that utilizes its own proprietary social intelligence algorithms to predict price movements. It combines market information and social sentiment with advanced mathematics and novel machine-learning models to reveal market trends and make informed and automated trades on behalf of its users.

    Mainline ALPHA doesn’t store the user’s private keys.

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