Monday, July 15, 2024

    Generative AI for Crypto Startup SuperSight Raises $1M Pre-seed to Build Crypto-Specific LLMs

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    SuperSight, a London-based Generative AI startup, is redefining the crypto data landscape with its revolutionary Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored for crypto data. The company is thrilled to announce a $1M pre-seed round, backed by Blockchain Founders Fund, Animoca Brands, Druid Ventures, Emurgo, Next Gen Web 3, Vayner Fund, and others. This milestone paves the way for SuperSight to accelerate their development of vertical-specific foundational models.

    With 420 million crypto users but only 30,000 able to programmatically derive insights, SuperSight bridges the gap, enabling easy access to information from a range of both on-chain and off-chain sources like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Mirror, Podcast Transcripts, and News amongst other sources. SuperSight uses AI to improve the search experience, making it personalized, accurate, and more insightful. SuperSight is gearing up to introduce new features like real-time alerts, future trend predictions, and trade capabilities, further simplifying the way people engage with crypto.

    Co-founded by Sungjung Kim, Advait Jayant, and Mohammed Junaid, SuperSight was born out of the trio’s shared vision to make blockchain data accessible. Sungjung stems from a background in Physics from Imperial College, with technical experiences at UBS and Fidelity, and has built crypto products since 2017. Advait is a PhD candidate at London Business School with a focus on Crypto Wash Trading; Advait formally trained in Computer Science at BITS Pilani, and previously lectured Machine Learning at O’Reilly (via Technics Publications) and Portfolio Management (Crypto/VC) at UCL. Junaid stems from a Management background from the University of Warwick. Junaid brings experience from trading in crypto, in institutional sales through working at the JP Morgan Equity Derivatives Team, and founding D2C ecommerce businesses.

    Speaking about the investment, Aly Madhavji, co-founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund, expressed, “SuperSight’s innovative approach to data analytics holds the promise of transforming the crypto landscape. We’re backing their mission to turn crypto data into a reservoir of insights accessible to all, not just experts.”

    Echoing this sentiment, Druid Ventures comments, “SuperSight is pioneering the crypto sector’s AI space to morph intricate, colossal data into clear, valuable insights. This game is about data, yet for many, it remains a riddle – intense and unattainable. SuperSight is not just deciphering the code but reshaping the game itself, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot. It’s the essence of democratization – of ensuring that data is available to all – that fans the flames of our support for this audacious team.”

    Developing crypto-specific LLMs, SuperSight is turning complex data into user-friendly insights. Their platform’s intuitive querying allows users to pinpoint high-performing traders, evaluate token profit and loss dynamics, or probe into retention metrics, without writing a single line of code. The extent of query possibilities aligns seamlessly with the breadth of the user’s imagination.

    SuperSight envisions a future where every crypto user, regardless of their technical skill, can access and interpret the wealth of information in the crypto universe, driving informed decisions and smarter investments. With SuperSight, that future is now.

    About SuperSight

    SuperSight (UK) is building crypto-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline the crypto data discovery process. In a sea of 420 million crypto wallets, only 30,000 users can keep up with the narratives programmatically. SuperSight bridges this gap, providing one-click search across both on-chain and off-chain sources.

    About Blockchain Founders Fund

    Blockchain Founders Fund (BFF) is a leading early stage Web3 Venture Capital fund which invests in top-tier founders globally. Our backers include a strategic mix of the leading firms in the crypto and traditional finance world. We invest in highly-promising startups taking a go-to-market focus and a hands-on approach to drive value. BFF helps curate strategic partnerships, hire talent, accelerate growth and ensure portfolio founders are well capitalized. Our team is composed of builders and operators that have scaled many of the leading Blockchain startups and are on a mission to support all-star teams shaping the Web3 industry.

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