Thursday, September 28, 2023

    Vector: Platform Helps Traders And Investors To Cryptocurrency

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    Vector is a platform that allows cryptotrading to happen and has a technological structure that meets the highest standards, with facilities that guarantee the full availability of the service. With a complex system, which involves data centers and servers, the terminal offers a reliable environment with data redundancy that allows full market monitoring. With a unique combination of data, professional trading tools and blockchain analytics, the technology developed aims to enable trading in multiple exchanges around the globe with perfect order execution. This way, users can track and trade various pairs of cryptocurrencies on a single platform.

    Developed by Nelogica, an international company who provides innovative and advanced software solutions, such as professional trading terminals with exclusive features that allow for safe and efficient trading in the cryptocurrency market.

    “We started by developing cutting edge technology and did extensive work, focused on how to provide solutions for all types of traders,” says Marcos Boschetti, CEO of Nelogica. “We’ve launched the first version testing in one of the most complex markets in the world: Brazil. Vector was then officially launched worldwide in 2021 and expressed exponential growth in a short period of time. We are very happy to provide this amazing technology all around the world,” he declares.

    Currently, more than 90 countries have experienced Vector, and the secure environment is the most mentioned feature by the customers.

    How The Vector Works

    Having built partnerships with the main companies involved in this business around the world, the platform is connected with several cryptocurrency exchanges that have real trading volume. This way, users can monitor the market and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies, even trading multiple pairs on a single platform. Through all of Vector’s differential technology, which is focused on analysis, monitoring, and trading systems for the cryptocurrency market.

    With a cutting edge technology structure, providing traders, holders, and cryptomarket enthusiasts with a complete arsenal of analytical and trading tools that can be used 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the most diverse pairs, all that with full support from a dedicated team of Nelogica.

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