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    Playa3ull Games enhances the blockchain ecosystem with a 10% burn mechanic and a new dedicated blockchain on an Avalanche Subnet

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    PLAYA3ULL GAMES, a front-runner in the blockchain gaming landscape, is revolutionizing the sector by launching its own blockchain on an Avalanche Subnet, strengthening security and improving integration capabilities.

    In a significant development, the company has introduced a notable 10% burn mechanic designed to enhance the deflationary attribute of its native 3ULL coin strategically. This move guarantees to increase the coin’s scarcity over time. All in-game assets in the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem are held in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The burn mechanic will apply to all NFTs sold from the PLAYA3ULL GAMES Marketplace, encouraging a cycle where heightened community activity expedites the 3ULL coin burn, boosting its rarity and value.

    Transitioning to the Avalanche Subnet allows PLAYA3ULL GAMES to maintain the robust security of the Avalanche Blockchain while implementing its new blockchain. This independent blockchain will host all nodes essential for the daily production of 3ULL coins and will serve as the bedrock of the PLAYA3ULL GAMES ecosystem. With 4,400 nodes already sold out of a total of 50,000, each node delivers a daily reward of 1,500 3ULL coins, a substantial incentive for potential node operators, strengthening the network.

    This movement to an Avalanche Subnet, coupled with the introduction of a deflationary coin-burn mechanic, marks a new era of growth for PLAYA3ULL GAMES. These pioneering moves reinforce PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ commitment to reshaping the gaming industry by offering exceptional opportunities to its expanding community.

    To learn more about PLAYA3ULL GAMES, visit their website at or follow their social media channels:


    PLAYA3ULL GAMES, an international gaming company established in November 2021, pioneered the first NFT generator in June 2022 and launched its native 3ULL chain in June 2023. The flagship game, NEXUS, is scheduled for release on September 3, 2023, with two additional games expected before the end of the year. PLAYA3ULL GAMES’ mission is to transform gaming into an asset class that rewards gamers for their time and investment, and it is generously supported by a community that serves as the heart of the project.

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