Thursday, January 27, 2022

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    Metaverse Event: Alien Worlds Partners with Tech Circus

    The Enter the Metaverse virtual event via Tech Circus takes place December 2nd through December 3rd, with 65+ leading Metaverse speakers exploring the future of the Metaverse, and the latest advancements in standardization and infrastructure.

    Striving to address the core problems of accessibility, interoperability, and scalability, and examining the convergence of AI, Blockchain, VR/AR and more in the emerging Web 3.0, the event that will appeal to developers, brands, businesses, and gamers.

    On day one of the event, Alien Worlds Co-Founder Saro McKenna will be featured on the ‘Building the Metaverse’ panel. Additionally, speakers like Dan Mapes (Founder of and Evo Heyning (Co-Chair of Open Metaverse Interoperability Community Group) will examine the technologies powering early Metaverses, developments in technologies, and core components of a decentralized web, with talks like ‘The Spatial Web creates the Metaverse,’ ‘How Do We Get Millions of People in a Persistent Shardless World?’ and ‘Building Embodied AI for the Metaverse’.

    On day two, Saro McKenna will give a talk on ‘When Users Own the Metaverse: Empowering Entrepreneurs, Driving Growth and Adoption’. Additionally, speakers like Cathy Hackl (Metaverse Specialist) and Philip Rosedale (Founder and CEO of Second Life) will reflect on the philosophical implications of the Metaverse, particularly for society, brands, and businesses.

    With such talks as ‘Can the Metaverse Save Workplace Creativity?’, ‘Virtual Celebrities and Influencers in the Metaverse’ and a panel on the future of gaming, overall, the event will explore the Metaverse and potential Metaverses around the corner, as well as emphasize innovation, creativity, and early adoption.

    For more information on Enter the Metaverse, as well as to reserve a pass, visit

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