Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Swisstronik Announces Launch of Ambassador Program

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    Swisstronik, a company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, announces the launch of its Ambassador Program, designed to invigorate community participation, promote compliance, and drive the adoption of blockchain technology.

    Swisstronik is a Layer 1 where regulatory compliance, user privacy, and decentralization meet. They help Web3 and traditional companies become KYC & AML compliant at minimum cost while preserving users’ privacy. With Swisstronik tools, developers can build compliant dApps for Web3 or launch compliant tokens but also apply this technology to tokenizing Real World Assets (RWA) or other use cases on the intersection of Web3 and TradFi.

    Commencing on May 9th, 2024, and concluding on November 29th, 2024, the Swisstronik Ambassador Program (SAP) is open to all interested parties meeting the eligibility criteria. Swisstronik welcomes blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and community leaders to apply and become integral members of the Swisstronik family.

    “At Swisstronik, we are committed to fostering a compliant and inclusive Web3 environment,” said Constantin Guggi, CEO, and Co-Founder of Swisstronik. “Our Ambassador Program represents a significant step towards achieving this goal, empowering individuals to advocate for our vision and solutions within their communities.”

    Swisstronik’s Ambassador Program (SAP)

    SAP invites individuals aligned with the ethos of regulatory compliance and decentralization to join in shaping the future landscape of Web3. Participants will be able to contribute to the advancement of the industry while earning rewards for their efforts.

    The SAP operates on a three-level ranking system, spanning six seasons. Participants progress through the ranks by completing designated tasks and accumulating Swisstronik Discord Points (SDPs), which can later be converted into Swisstronik utility tokens: SWTR.

    • Application phase: May 9 – May 23
    • First season timeline: May 23 – June 24
    • First season rewards: 50,000 SWTR

    The SAP program is a long-term commitment designed to build a core community, so if you didn’t make it into the first season, you can still jump into subsequent ones.

    SWTR Tokens on the Ambassador program

    One of the key incentives for participants is the opportunity to earn SWTR tokens, Swisstronik’s native utility token, scheduled for release in the second half of 2024. A total reward pool of 465,000 SWTR tokens, valued at approximately $279,000 based on anticipated listing values, is allocated from the ecosystem funds.

    “The Ambassador Program is just one facet of our broader efforts to cultivate a passionate community and advance the narrative of Web3 compliance,” added Guggi. “We encourage our community and developers to stay connected through our social channels for updates on upcoming initiatives and programs.”

    More initiatives on the horizon

    The Ambassador Program is one of Swisstronik’s initiatives to build a robust Web3 ecosystem. In July 2023, the company launched its Testnet 1.0 with 750+ developers on the waitlist for early access, followed by Bug Bounty 1.0 and Validators Program which attracted over 70 validators in less than 2 months.

    Individuals interested in joining the Swisstronik Ambassador Program can find more information and apply at

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