Thursday, June 13, 2024

    Trade with Information on the Otcrit Platform

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    A new European startup is taking a much-needed approach when it comes to blockchain-based project evaluations. The new crypto-economy is growing with unprecedented speed, but the biggest issue in this industry remains the lack of transparency and authentic information.

    Otcrit is building a community of researchers, traders, and investors that will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and profit from it. All members will have access to a wide range of in-depth technical analyses and reports at one place. They will be able to hire someone with a high rating on the platform or request further analysis from the community. The company will also have a solid team of experts, working full-time to provide everyone in this space with quality information and research.

    The platform is accumulating a large database of all the companies and their teams, where anyone can see the exact projects a developer is involved in. Projects, accused of being dishonest, will have all of their official documentation thoroughly investigated. Their team will release the BETA version in early February, before the presale that is scheduled for February 15.

    Those assets that have received a high ranking by the Otcrit experts and analysts, as well as the community’s approval, will be listed on an advanced cryptocurrency exchange – Otcritex. And while most trading platforms ask for a fortune to add a new project, Otcritex will have no fees for listing.

    Otcrit will provide an events calendar and newsfeed on the exchange, which will inform traders of any important upcoming events that may influence the price charts. This way they will have the opportunity to make the best possible trading decisions, based on the real-time data presented to them. The platform’s creators want to make over-the-counter trading more widely available, where anyone can purchase digital assets at a fixed price without dealing with high spreads and thin order books.

    The digital assets available for over-the-counter trading will be listed on the Otcrit Top 100 Index – a sophisticated cryptocurrency index containing only digital currencies that are being actively developed and also thoroughly researched or audited. The same will apply for listing on the exchange, where Otcrit will share 5% of its profit with the listed projects that reach their roadmap goals. Another 10% of the profit, coming from trading fees, subscriptions and benchmark services, will be distributed to all OTC token holders. These weekly rewards will be in ETH. The team also has an advertising revenue program that will benefit content creators on the platform, as well as those who own OTC tokens.

    With all the information, available on the platform and on the exchange itself, Otcrit will take cryptocurrency trading and investing to a whole new level.

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