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    Thinking of Travelling With Bitcoin? With These Websites You Can

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    Bitcoin has grabbed the attention of many this year, and that’s hardly surprising given its meteoric rise in price. Despite today’s 25% pullback following the Coinbase Bitcoin Cash insider trading debacle, the cryptocurrency has still performed amazingly in 2017. Starting out the year at around $1,000 its price has surged to around a disbelief-inspiring $13,900 at the time of writing. Those new to cryptocurrency might ponder just what use Bitcoin and other digital currencies have for the average person. Obviously, not everyone is interested in circumventing international sanctions, buying illicit goods off darkweb markets, or trading the digital asset for other digital currencies to make profits.

    Watching bearish markets like the one crypto investors woke up to today can be a stressful time indeed. One ideal antidote to stress is to book a trip away. Fortunately, even if you went absolutely all-in on Bitcoin this year and think a holiday is completely off the cards, there are plenty of companies who’ll relieve you of a few satoshis in exchange for a flight, or accommodation in a foreign land.

    Here are just some of the many options available to those wishing to spend some cryptocurrency exploring new lands. The best part of all is, being a truly global currency, you don’t need to bother with extortionate bureau de changes either!


    • Back in 2013, launched their Bitcoin payments function. They were the first online travel website to do so. They offer flights on all of the planet’s largest airlines between most airports.
    • are based in Spain. They not only take payment in Bitcoin for flights, they’ll also find you a hotel that you can pay for in crypto too.
    • If you’re based in Europe, Latvia’s national airline accept Bitcoin. AirBaltic began taking the revolutionary payment system back in 2014 for flights between the Baltic states and Europe.
    • eGifter allow customers to buy their gift cards using Bitcoin. These can then be used at various airlines around the world.
    • You can even fly into space using Bitcoin! Virgin Galactic plans to launch the first flights into space in 2018 for the average Joe. Ever the Bitcoin bull, Sir Richard Branson’s company, of course, accept crypto payments.


    • You can book a hotel using the aforementioned CheapAir and Destinia travel services with Bitcoin.
    • Online travel empire Expedia is yet to roll out cryptocurrency payments for flights but you can use them to buy accommodation. They use exchange Coinbase to facilitate such services.
    • don’t take Bitcoin payments directly but you can use the service provided by to book a room with them. Like eGifter, they sell digital gift cards that can be used at more than 150,000 hotels.
    • Like travel but hate hotels? Euro-centric Airbnb rivals have you covered. They accept payments for short-term home rentals using Bitcoin.

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