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    The Zapier of Blockchain and How It Affects B2C Professionals

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    Apps have taken over our lives. An average American has over 80 apps on their phone and spends over 2 hours on those apps each day. These apps are impressive. They can do incredible things, making our lives increasingly simpler with each update. They can talk to our cars, our tv’s and even our homes. But they can’t do one important thing. Talk to each other.

    Bits and pieces of information are spread out across the 80 various apps that we use. For example, some apps like LinkedIn contain primarily professional experience, including skills, endorsements, and resumes. Other social network apps are better for adding mass numbers of contacts but aren’t synced with LinkedIn. Upwork has professional reviews of your work posted by clients. Then there are the freelancer websites that contain the work you’ve done. Even your email can have valuable information, but it’s only viewable to you.

    All of this information is valuable. Especially if you’re a freelancer or anyone trying to drum up more business. Because this information is valuable, too much valuable time is spent managing the information across the multiple platforms when it should be spent actually doing the work that brings in money. Plus, you’re subject to those platforms and how they share and use your information. The user has virtually no control.

    One Integrated Platform With All Your Professional Experience, a blockchain based network is providing a solution to these problems. Their solution is simple, connect all these apps through one central network. Through, you can update information on any connected website and it will automatically be transferred to every other connected app. helps save time by connecting your information, experience, and reviews from all your apps on a single network. The protocol provides all the necessary categories to put your best professional foot forward. The profile feature allows you to sync all of your professional skills, qualification and work experience. You, the owner are given access to modify all of the information. Plus, the information must be verified by a third party, providing complete trust that all of the information is validated and true.

    Your reputation is vital in finding new clients, and the protocol allows your reviews to be managed and shared across your apps. This makes building and maintaining your reputation easier and more impactful.

    The last primary feature of the protocol is the network. Connections are everything in business, and allows your professional relationships to be imported, accessed and modified across your apps. Best of all, this network is available at your fingertips, through the use of its own mobile application.

    How Works: The DOCK Token is different from other app connecting networks because it operates on Ethereum’s blockchain. Ethereum (ETH) is the popular cryptocurrency whose blockchain allows decentralized apps (DAPPS) to be built upon it and enables use of its smart contract technology. is one such application.

    The network is powered by its token, DOCK. As a crypto token, DOCK will have a monetary value associated with it, incentivizing users to access and share their data. Users have the ability to vote on new proposals and the future development of the platform. The token is also used when apps want to access data on their platform. Conversely, apps are rewarded with tokens when they create a new point of data on the platform.

    The platform is also secure and trustworthy. To ensure this, the token is only transferred when a third party app accepts the data that is created. This ensures that users aren’t exaggerating or lying about their professional history, which would give them an unfair edge in the hiring process. can change the way freelance workers find business. It saves valuable time by integrating all your professional information from multiple apps into a single platform. It allows a running resume to be maintained and continually updated, providing potential clients the most up to date information on your work. This, along with its trustworthy validation process provide a new way for freelancers to find work.

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