Tuesday, July 23, 2024

    Talus Network Raises $3 Million in Funding Led by Polychain Capital to Democratize Onchain AI with Move

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    Talus Network is proud to have successfully closed its first funding round, led by Polychain Capital, with the participation of dao5, Hash3, TRGC, WAGMI Ventures, and Inception Capital. Additionally, angel investors from major tech and blockchain firms such as Nvidia, IBM, Blue7, Symbolic Capital, and Render Network have contributed to support the team’s mission of democratizing AI onchain.

    Mike Hanono, Founder and CEO of Talus Network, shared his thoughts on the investment: “The success of our funding round is a validation of our team’s dedication and great work we’ve accomplished behind the scenes. Our mission is to foster consumer-friendly AI applications, particularly smart agents, that seamlessly integrate into everyday on-chain life. More importantly, we’re on the way to democratize AI, ensuring that it’s the users who hold the reins of control”.

    In support of this vision, Ben Frigon, Chief Operating Officer of Talus Network, emphasized, “Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are the two most powerful technologies in the world today. Like much of web2, AI is in danger of being controlled by just a few powerful actors. Talus’ mission is to ensure AI is accessible and controlled by the many, not just a select few.”

    Talus Network leverages the MoveVM for its enhanced performance, emphasizing that the Move stack is the most capable of seamlessly integrating AI with a smart contract environment. Move’s object-centric approach, as well as its emphasis on safety and security, empowers developers to deploy smart agents that navigate complex market scenarios and make optimal decisions, all within a framework that ensures these agents can be owned, traded, and monetized transparently.

    In Talus Network, a harmoniously designed ecosystem coupled with the right developer tools enables smart agents to collaborate, innovate, and support decentralized applications. For instance, in DeFi, monetizable smart agents optimize liquidity-providing strategies across various protocols and chains. In gaming, they act as autonomous agents deployed by players or guilds to collect resources on their behalf. In governance, smart agents emerge as decision-makers within DAOs, addressing challenges like low voter participation and stakeholder misalignment.

    Luke Pearson, General Partner at Polychain Capital, commented: “We’re excited to lead Talus Network’s funding round. The transformative capabilities of Move’s technological stack allow the team to redefine how smart agents are developed, owned, and valued in a decentralized setting. We are looking forward to seeing the practical applications of Talus Network come to action, offering significant benefits to web3 space across the board.”


    Talus Network is an innovative blockchain platform with a focus on decentralizing artificial intelligence. The network harnesses the power of Move, emphasizing security, speed, and an enhanced developer experience. By fostering a diverse ecosystem of smart agents for decentralized applications, Talus Network creates a future where technology empowers its users in an equitable and accessible way.

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