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    Sustainability and play: The success story of CropBytes’ 5-year-strong game community

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    CropBytes, a farm simulation game that was launched in 2018, has emerged as one of the leading crypto gaming experiences globally, attracting more than 600,000 organic downloads. The game is available on Google Playstore and the App Store as well as on the web, and has garnered a loyal fanbase worldwide.

    CropBytes has a simple yet intricately designed playscape that allows gamers to build a stable and sustainable economy. The team behind the game is committed to creating a long-term game for crypto players, and they have focused on sustainable economics to achieve this goal. Unlike other NFT games that suffer from liquidity crises and asset inflation, CropBytes has addressed these issues early on in the game economics to ensure a smooth gaming experience for players beyond the bull run.

    The gameplay of CropBytes is straightforward, and the game comes with numerous features that make it an immersive experience for players. These features include a balanced economy, real ownership, open-market trading and utility-based gaming, among others that are being developed for the future.

    Reflecting on the journey: Milestones so far

    In December 2022, asset mining underwent a massive transformation with the launch of CropBytes’ Asset Mining v2.0. This update brought about a new way to mine assets that was both fun and rewarding: Get Paid-To-Play.

    With the new update, a miner avatar was introduced that would complete mining jobs in the form of playing fishing games. This not only added a playful element to asset mining, but it also provided miners with a new way to earn rewards.

    Another implementation, Spin the Wheel, started as an in-game event in CropBytes during the Christmas season. This is a continued feature in the game where users get one free spin per day and can buy up to three more spins for 10 CBX each. Many users have received bumper rewards by spinning the wheel.

    These assets are already valuable within the game and now they are listed on Polygon. Additionally, CropBytes assets were launched on the Polygon chain as ERC-1155 tokens on March 23, providing players with the opportunity to create more value for their virtual assets outside the game. By listing these assets on different marketplaces, this has opened up diverse ways for players to showcase their assets.

    Listing and partnerships

    CropBytes initially used Tron for its game, but eventually introduced its own token, CBX, which became central to the game’s economics. Following the successful initial exchange offering of the CBX token in November 2021, the adoption of CropBytes has increased, resulting in numerous partnership and listing opportunities.

    Currently, over 200,000 players own CropBytes’ ERC-1155 tokens, which are worth over $19 million. The assets are available for purchase on OpenSea as well as on NiftySwap, an automated collectible marketplace designed to prioritise user-friendly features and on-chain liquidity.

    However, CropBytes’ gaming assets aren’t limited to these platforms. Tegro, a dedicated exchange for Game NFTs, is currently developing a marketplace that will feature CropBytes’ collection of animals, trees, land and more. This will provide a unique opportunity for CropBytes players and collectors alike to trade and own these one-of-a-kind assets.

    Roadmap for 2023

    • Revised referral program: CropBytes’ new Referral Program aims to let users earn rewards through an upgraded rewards system. As users ascend through the referral ladder, they will be eligible for bigger and better rewards.
    • Get paid to play: Job postings will be made private, meaning that users will have the ability to post jobs that won’t be visible on the public job board but will be exclusively available for the private community. In an effort to make asset mining even more streamlined and efficient, CropBytes is introducing the option for users to auto-post all jobs. They can skip the process of manual job postings, which will in turn save their time and effort.
    • Game mechanics: In the second quarter, the CropBytes team will be working hard to provide a better overall experience to the players.
    • Public metrics dashboard: Players will see a public dashboard to track metrics around CBX and markets. This dashboard will provide more visibility into the game’s economy and market trends, giving CropBytes players more information to make better decisions regarding the same.
    • Creating more value for assets: CropBytes assets are listed as ERC-1155 tokens on OpenSea, NiftySwap, Tegro and other platforms. This will increase the visibility and bring value to their assets, making it easier for users to trade them or withdraw their assets to a blockchain wallet. This will also ensure that they have more control over their assets and enable them to grab opportunities that exist outside of the game.


    In just a few years, CropBytes has become a leading crypto game with over 600,000 organic downloads worldwide. Its simple yet immersive playscape focuses on a sustainable economy that has attracted a loyal fanbase. With the recent launch of its fungible assets on the Polygon chain and upcoming improvements to gameplay and mechanics, CropBytes is set to create even more value for its players and assets. The future looks bright for this innovative farm simulation game.

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