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    Start Side Hustle With Ditch-it and Earn Up to $50k/year in Crypto

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    Want to earn a little extra money on the side, without compromising your current schedule? Ditch-it, a new app is here to help you get started quickly, and that too without many of the startup costs generally associated with traditional businesses.

    Ditch-It is a decentralized local mobile marketplace on the blockchain that enables users to locally buy and sell the things they love for Electroneum cryptocurrency. The platform, to encourage individuals and businesses to have alternative sources of revenue is now running its crowdsale campaign. (ICO)

    What is Ditch-It?

    The platform aims to decentralize the buying and selling process, creating a strong channel for people to buy and sell goods from one another. By supporting a broad range of cryptocurrencies, the platform has made it incredibly easier for the users to earn cryptocurrency by selling their used stuff. Users can search for the desired goods based on location, find secondhand products and goods as well as services instantly via this crypto classified ad platform.

    High Security & Privacy

    The platform offers encrypted communication between the users, ensuring maximum privacy and security. The platform rewards the buyers with “crypto-back” bonus. It allows the users to post their ads, promote them using DICH Tokens and post videos of their goods or services.

    About the ICO

    The Ditch-It ICO has created quite the buzz in the world of digital currencies as investors flock to the best ICO’s hoping to cash in on the ground floor and pave the way for their retirement. Analysts have been predicting that this ICO may be among the top ICO’s of the year because of the exponential growth of the Ditch-It user base as well as company expansion.

    The Ditch-it platform is a novel approach to bring classified ads to the blockchain and benefits from the added advantage of biometric facial recognition security features. Historically, it has been difficult for internet-based platforms to create a currency more convenient than fiat cash as a medium of exchange during secondhand goods sales, the added security and transparency provided by Ditch-it have impressively resolved the challenge.

    To learn more about this ICO or purchasing tokens for investment purposes, visit their official website at

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