Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    Prime-Ex Perpetual Approaches Minimum Raise Goal

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    Panama-based Prime-Ex Perpetual reports that their minimum raise goals are almost secure as their pre-sale winds down. “We’re sitting approximately 60,000 tokens away from our minimum raise goals this morning, and we expect to achieve our baseline objectives sometime today,” reports John Gilbert, CEO of Prime-Ex Perpetual. “We have through the 8th of November for our pre-sale, so those interested in buying PEX-Tokens should take advantage of this last chance to buy our tokens at a discount.”

    Once their minimum raise goals are achieved Prime-Ex Perpetual says implementation of their residential real estate ecosystem and breaking ground on their first houses will begin immediateily. “First things first”, reports Gilbert. “We finish out strong with a great ICO, we get our PEX-Tokens distributed timely to our PEX-Token holders, and then we start putting flesh on the bones of our ecosystem. We’re thrilled to see our minimum goals within reach.”

    Prime-Ex Perpetual will market their residential real estate to expats around the world who have traditionally had a hard time getting financed abroad though they enjoy the highest discretionary income of any group in the world. Prime-Ex Perpetual is creating a branded real estate ecosystem where expats can realize expectations of quality, value, and life experiences throughout the top expat destinations in the world.

    Prime-Ex Perpetual’s real estate ecosystem has been tokenized, meaning that homebuyers will be incented to pay their mortgage payments in PEX-Tokens that they have to purchase from existing PEX-Token holders. Once 2,000 houses are sold inside of their worldwide ecosystem monthly token demand for PEX-Tokens will exceed each month the total supply of tokens that will ever be on the market. This organic demand inside of their own branded ecosystem makes Prime-Ex Perpetual a trailblazer in residential real estate, taking what’s good about REITs and creating a whole new asset class of value.

    Prime-Ex Perpetual completes their pre-sale of PEX-Tokens on November 8th, while their ICO begins in earnest on November 15th and runs through the 30th. Gilbert reports that the marketing of homes begins in December. “We start are house marketing in December. If you think that Prime-Ex Perpetual has created buzz so far, just wait until token holders start receiving dividends. We can see the finish line and we’re ready to break out.”

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