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    Passive Revenue Opportunities in Decentralized Computing Resources Industry

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    There have been a few interesting trends involving blockchain technology. One particular aspect mainly focuses on selling resources through a distributed ledger-based marketplace. For now, it seems the main focus lies on computing resources. Other types of resources and content will be supported as more time progresses. With decentralized infrastructure being developed, new opportunities will arise.

    The Decentralized  Marketplace Ecosystem

    Although the overall potential of blockchain remains to be determined, there are multiple intriguing projects. One of these trends comes in the form of selling computing resources on the blockchain. This is usually done through proprietary infrastructure and involves a native token. Among the computing resources users can sell are bandwidth, CPU power, GPU power, storage, and so forth.

    On the computing power front, there are numerous projects. Golem, SONM, and iExec are the three industry leaders in this regard at this time. All three projects are still in the process of developing their native ecosystems. Users will earn native currencies for renting out their computing resources to the highest bidder.

    One thing to keep in mind is how these projects are intent on disrupting traditional cloud services. The likes of Google and AWS are the main targets in this regard. However, bringing stiff competition to those entrenched players will not be all that easy by any means. Since all of these projects are still in the early stage of development, it remains to be seen what the world can expect exactly.

    Other Noteworthy Projects

    Various other companies aim to decentralize the way the internet works. File storage and sharing is another popular business model in this regard. Storj has made a name for itself in the decentralized storage industry. Considering how most consumers have excess storage on their computer, renting it out to make some passive income seems like a smart idea.

    There are plenty of other ventures to take into account as well. Ranging from decentralized content delivery networks to monetizing data, the opportunities are virtually endless in this industry. Most of these concepts have yet to be turned into working technology. One thing most of these companies have in common is how they all conducted very successful initial coin offerings. This confirms investors see a lot of merit in these ventures prior to them coming to market.

    No one should expect to become rich overnight.  There is some passive income to be made in the process, but nothing to make people quit their jobs. Until all of these projects gain more traction, the overall earnings will remain relatively low. Combining multiple of these projects into one passive revenue stream can result in decent earnings over time. However, there is no need to effectively buy additional hardware to benefit from any of these projects.


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