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    Japan’s Virtual Currency Girls Educate Masses on Cryptocurrency

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    Raising more awareness for cryptocurrency has not been easy. In fact, one could argue there need to be far more efforts in this regard. Over in Japan, things are being done very differently in this regard. A group known as the Virtual Currency Girls is trying to bring more awareness to the masses. Considering how every member of this group represents a different currency, the initiative is well worth keeping an eye on. Some of the represented coins may raise a lot of questions, though.

    Japan has always been an odd country for many different reasons. This is also part of the region’s charm, mind you. When it comes to promoting cryptocurrencies, they are not just relying on billboards or flyers. Instead, there is the group of eight Virtual Currency Girls to do all of the legwork. Every individual represents a different currency, including Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, and so forth. Surprisingly, Cardano is also on this list, rather than Litecoin, Dash, or Monero.

    Virtual Currency Girls can Thrive in Japan

    This particular initiative raises a lot of questions. The female idol group is a pretty interesting development, to say the least. It is worth noting the Virtual Currency Girls are indeed real people spreading the word about cryptocurrencies. The oldest member if 22 years old, whereas the youngest is just 15 years old. An interesting approach, especially when considering how they all seemingly wear wrestling masks with their currency’s logo on the front.

    As is always the case, it remains to be seen if this concept will effectively work. More specifically, cryptocurrency is very popular in Japan ever since the government legalized Bitcoin. The Virtual Currency Girls may play a big role in the coming months and years. Training youngsters to market this new form of money certainly sets an interesting precedent for the rest of the world. Cinderella Academy has gone down a very intriguing path in this regard, to say the very least.

    What is perhaps most intriguing is how the Virtual Currency Girls also host live performances. There is even a dedicated line of merchandise. Tickets and goods can be purchased with all of the supported cryptocurrencies. It is a very interesting take on educational efforts. It is highly unlikely we will see a similar trend in other parts of the world, though. Crazy ideas like these would only be socially acceptable in Japan and other Asian countries.

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