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    Hypnotherapy may Help you Recover Lost Bitcoins

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    As a Bitcoin owner, one of the worst feelings is losing access to your wallet or private key. After all, storing your Bitcoin is done in such a way they can’t be recovered without key information. This is only normal for most people, but it is confusing for others. Thankfully, there may be a solution in sight to recover lost passphrases and passwords. Although hypnotherapy is not necessarily the best way to go, it seems to work quite well for some.

    Not everyone would go to great lengths to recover a Bitcoin wallet password or recovery seed. Noting this information down is of the utmost importance. However, people can still lose access to this information for many different reasons. The file containing this information is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Thankfully, a Bitcoin wallet can often be imported into a new solution if you have the necessary information. Hypnotherapy can be of great help to remember passwords and recovery seeds in this regard.

    Hypnotherapy to Recover Lost Bitcoins

    More specifically, there is a hypnotist in South Carolina specializing in this type of activity. This person helps people recall forgotten passwords or find misplaced storage devices. It can be well worth checking out if you have a Bitcoin wallet on a USB device you can no longer find. Jason Miller, the hypnotherapist, does charge a fee of one Bitcoin plus 5% of the money recovered. This means he has to be very certain about his skills. It is an interesting business model, though, and some people seemingly want to explore in a time of need.

    Especially people who bought BTC years ago will benefit from this solution. We often hear stories about people losing access to a wallet. In most cases, they misplaced the device or can’t remember the password. Using hypnotherapy to recover this information makes a lot of sense. At the same time, hypnotherapy is still “frowned upon” in social circles these days. That’s a bit unusual, considering this method has scientific roots. It’s not just smoke and mirrors, nor does it require any “belief” in the system either.

    Whether or not people will use such a method to recover their bitcoins, remains to be seen. It is certainly true a lot of coins have been lost forever. Or that is what we think, at least, unless the wallets have recovered over time. Jason Miller may certainly be onto something in this regard. He claims the collection of techniques used should yield satisfactory results. Only time will tell if that is the case, though. There are other ways to recover lost bitcoins, but hypnotherapy may be the least “intensive” way to go about things.

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