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    How Gameflip Is Modernizing the Gaming Industry

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    The gaming industry is one that is growing at an exponential ratio, with over 2.2 billion gamers around the world who bring in an annual revenue of about $108.9 billion. Among these figures, about $94.4 billion is made from the sale of digital goods by publishers directly. According to projections, by 2020 this amount will increase to $128.5 billion.

    Despite these rising figures, there still remains an untapped opportunity within the gaming industry – a secure and frictionless transaction system for “gamer-earned” digital goods. These digital goods include in-game elements that the players can earn as an achievement or use to enhance their performance within the game. The demand for such things among the gamer community presents a huge opportunity, which when capitalized, can revolutionize the gaming industry. It will help gamers not to leave empty-handed when they are done playing a game. By giving gamers something that can be used at a later date, the game and digital goods publishers also stand to retain them as customers.

    While many companies have been trying to address the value drain for both game publishers and gamers, Gameflip has provided the way forward. It has extended its proven platform to the public blockchain, which gives gamers flexibility and ownership to liquidate their goods as a fraud-free ecosystem.

    What is Gameflip?

    Gameflip is a Silicon Valley-based platform boasting over 2 million memberships and a global digital goods marketplace. It has over 500,000 active monthly users transacting millions of dollars in digital goods, with a goal of becoming a top-notch marketplace for gamers offering 100% security and transparency.

    Game publishers own, develop and operate every aspect of the game, which includes the digital goods generated within the game platform. Without their active participation, moving the digital goods onto the blockchain won’t be possible because they are cautious about integrating a new technology. This is why Gameflip is utilizing its established network to collaborate further with top game publishers to build a successful decentralized and crypto-token ecosystem for gamers.

    Why Gameflip is the only team capable of building a decentralized ecosystem for gamers

    • It already has a thriving platform
    • It’s comprised of gaming and publishing experts
    • It has an established and trusted network
    • It has an existing marketplace with over 2 million users
    • It is VC backed by leading venture capital firms

    How Gameflip benefits gamers

    Gamers have the opportunity of owning their digital goods. This initiative from Gameflip provides flexibility to trade, sell, and buy digital goods for cash through a transparent platform. This ownership guarantees that the value of goods is maintained, giving the gamers the encouragement to reinvest into the digital goods.

    How Gameflip benefits Publishers

    The publisher receives commission during every transaction conducted by a gamer with FLIP through the partnering publisher’s digital goods. This is made possible through the Gameflip open-sourced plugins and SDKs, which track the blockchain transaction of publisher goods.

    Gameflip is currently in the process of organizing a crowdsale to facilitate the development of its blockchain platform for the gaming community. As a part of the token sale, investors and community members can purchase the platform’s native FLIP tokens which is the driving currency on the platform.

    More information about the token sale can be found at –


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