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    Blockchain technology has the capabilities to change a variety of things in the world and can also be the backbone of a new internet. One place that blockchain technology has not had an impact on yet is web hosting. However, HostCoin is trying to change that and is well on their way to doing so.

    HostCoin is a company that is hoping to create the world’s first website hosting service that is built on a blockchain. This blockchain will be powered by HostCoin tokens. In order to use the HostCoin service and host your site on their blockchain, you will need to use HostCOIN, which is their token. The company will be having their Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on October 1st, 2017 so people can purchase tokens. These tokens have an exchange rate of $1(US) for 1 HostCOIN, so it is very easy to understand the exchange rate and to know exactly what you’re getting in relation to dollars. There will be 55,000,000 tokens for sale in the ICO.

    So now that you know about their ICO and what the company is trying to do, what are the benefits of this service as opposed to the wide variety of hosting options out there today? Well, there are plenty of them worth talking about.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit is the security that will go into hosting your website with HostCoin. Blockchain built SSL will keep sites extremely safe and will make them virtually impenetrable, which is creating a new standard for website safety and security. In addition to the security improvements, HostCoin hosting will also ensure that your website is never taken down or removed, no matter what. You will also have complete control of your data, and the sites will feature faster server times.

    Also, it has been said by the company that the prices will be competitive to what’s out there now, which is an encouraging sight for those not looking to spend an arm and a leg. The company will even have a white label version of the service if they hold more than 10,000 HostCOIN. The minimum HostCOIN that anyone can hold is 50.

    So that all sounds very encouraging, but when will it all be ready and able to be used by interested consumers. Well, to learn about that and more we should take a look at their Plan Overview and Roadmap. Within 12 months of the ICO, the team hopes to have their blockchain hosting service ready to be used. While you can use these HostCOINs to purchase hosting, of course, you can also sell your coins to another user at any time, in a very fast and cheap transaction.

    All in all, the platform seems to be a great alternative to the current hosting options out there and we wouldn’t be surprised to see it revolutionize and change the way people host their websites.

    If you’d like to contribute to the HostCoin ICO, visit https://www.tokenlot.com/crowdsale/hostcoin/

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