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More Answers Why a Dating App Need to Use Blockchain Technology

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    The internet has become a cozy place to a third of the world’s 7 billion population and it is growing rapidly. The internet is the key to a new world, full of exciting opportunities, including the ability to be anywhere with anyone – as well as to be anyone. The internet’s anonymity feature is both its greatest strength and its weakness. On the one hand, it gives individuals the unique opportunity to start from scratch, regardless of their past or present, and express themselves without fear of persecution. On the other hand, individuals can exploit this ability to perpetuate their criminal or malicious activities. And when it comes to establishing a long-lasting relationship, anonymity is the last thing anybody wants.

    The internet is full of cautionary tales about the dangers of meeting strangers; some disappointing and others shocking. Naturally, these stories and experiences have deterred people from forming deep and meaningful relationships, preferring superficial and perfunctory exchanges for the sake of their own safety.

    But what if there was a way to remodel relationships on the web? What if there was a way to bring back honesty and transparency into the online dating domain? What if there was a place where you could confidently form long-lasting and intimate relationships without worrying about the motives of the person at the other end of the screen?

    Blockchain technology is the answer.

    Immutable. Secure. Tamper-proof.

    Blockchain technology is a decentralized and distributed, public ledger system for the peer-to-peer exchange of values and information.

    Distributed over hundreds of thousands of computers, blockchain technology is a tamper-proof, immutable, and self-sovereign technology that has been heralded as the most disruptive technology ever known to mankind. Information written into the blockchain cannot be changed or modified and since the record is distributed across geographically dispersed devices, no single entity can own or control it.

    Blockchain technology enables users to directly share and exchange values without any third-party interference or invasion of privacy.

    A Game Changer

    Online dating is a double-edged sword for most. You’re either paying exorbitant subscription fees for premium features such as ad removal or profile promotion (getting a higher chance of matching with relevant users)-, or you’re getting bombarded with ads and with limited access to the network. While ads, for instance, seem to be a small price to pay, recent research has shown that these users often wind up paying a steeper price that includes privacy invasion and wholesale trafficking of users’ data in order to maximize profits.

    It shouldn’t be that way. And it does not have to.

    Information is power and personal information is leverage.

    Online dating is solely based on the exchange of information. Credible and honest information generates trust and increases one’s chance of being successfully matched with the right person – one’s soulmate. However, sharing this information exposes the user to risk; the more detailed the profile, the greater the risk.

    As we have seen at a large scale in the Ashley Madison Hack, providing secure and tamper-proof data storage facilities is of the utmost importance for any service provider to guard the user against such breaches and protect users’ privacy. The blockchain’s cryptographically secured storage and exchange protocols have the potential to solve the problems plaguing the dating industry.

    But how? is the answer the industry has been waiting for.

    A Secure and Confidential Platform is a blockchain powered dating platform that leverages crowd wisdom, decentralized and encrypted data storage as well as an underlying token economy to create the best and most secure dating platform.

    Using smart contracts and a token-based incentivization system uses a combination of visual and auditory verification protocols to prove identity and establish secure and direct, peer-to-peer channels of exchange.

    Hicky’s groundbreaking platform is a first for the multi-billion online dating industry. Its innovative features are set to change not only the dating scene but how long-lasting relationships are going to be established. Knowing that the person on the other end of the screen is as real as their profile claims to be breaths an air of confidence into every interaction. And knowing that your privacy can never be intruded is just what the dating scene needs!

    Read more about Hicky on their website and join their Telegram channel to stay in touch.

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