Monday, April 22, 2024

    First of Two Ethereum Metropolis Hard Forks Takes Place Tomorrow

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    Tomorrow is an important day in the history of Ethereum. As most people know, tomorrow will be the day on which the first hard fork of the Metropolis upgrade takes place. Unlike the previous big hard fork, there will be no currency or blockchain split this time. It’s an interesting milestone for Ethereum, as the quest to make this project more appealing is far from over. Once we hit block number 1,700,000 things will get somewhat more interesting.

    The first part of Ethereum Metropolis introduces some interesting changes. We see the introduction of Zk-snarks and early PoS support. Additionally, there are some interesting changes to how smart contracts work. This main technology of interest associated with Ethereum still requires a lot of work. In this first fork, the smart contracts will become more flexible and robust. A more than welcome change, to say the very least.

    A big day Ahead for Ethereum

    Do keep in mind there will be a second hard fork at a later stage. Similar to the first, no major issues are to be expected whatsoever. There will be some more integrations and updates, although most of them have yet to be documented. It is good to know both of these forks will go off without a major hitch, though. After all, we don’t need an Ethereum Cash or other useless altcoins right now.

    For the Ethereum users themselves, no major changes will occur. Nor does anyone need to take significant precautions either. It is advised not to send or receive any ETH transactions during the fork itself, though. While no issues are expected, there is no reason to lose coins by accident either. Anyone who keeps money in an exchange will be safe from harm unless the company in question messes up really badly.

    Most of the Ethereum clients have been updated to support the new fork. Users will need to ensure their wallets are updated to the latest version as well. It is highly unlikely we will see a critical bug occur due to the Ethereum hard fork It is always a possibility but seems nearly impossible right now. Make sure to keep an eye on the Ethereum Foundation blog for any recent news and updates.

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