Tuesday, July 23, 2024

    Elysium unveils the “Elysium Accelerator Program”: Empowering Web3 game development

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    Elysium Unveils its Accelerator Program: Empowering Web3 Game Development with Top Talent and Funding Boost.

    Vulcan Forged’ Elysium blockchain ecosystem is launching the Elysium Accelerator Program, marking a significant stride in fostering Web3 project development and expanding opportunities within the blockchain community. This initiative aims to invigorate the Web3 space while welcoming a diverse array of projects across NFTs, DeFi, and SocialFi.

    A notable aspect of the program is the leadership of Evelina Mažeikienė as the newly appointed Head of Partnerships for Elysium, leveraging her extensive experience gained during her tenure at DappRadar. Vulcan Forged expresses confidence in the success of this initiative under Evelina’s guidance. Evelina remarks “Elysium’s commitment to fostering innovation and providing comprehensive support to developers aligns perfectly with our vision for the future of blockchain. I’m thrilled to join this dynamic team and contribute to the growth of the Elysium ecosystem.”

    Elysium stands as a Layer-1, EVM-compatible blockchain tailored for gaming, NFTs, and metaverse ventures. Supported by competitive transaction costs and rapid block confirmations, Elysium offers an ideal platform for high-throughput gaming experiences in the Web3 realm.

    The Elysium Accelerator Program offers developers access to strategic support, mentorship, development resources, and an extensive network of industry experts. Jamie, CEO of Vulcan Forged, emphasizes, “At Vulcan Forged, we believe in empowering developers to unlock the full potential of Web3 technology. The launch of the Elysium Accelerator Program underscores our dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem of innovative projects across gaming, NFTs, DeFi, and SocialFi.”

    Participants in the program can expect enhanced product development, amplified marketing efforts, and invaluable networking opportunities. With mentorship from blockchain experts, assistance in token listing, and robust marketing support, developers can elevate their projects’ trajectory.

    Additionally, developers have the opportunity to secure seed funding, with investments starting at $10,000 and scaling up to $100,000 per project. This financial backing empowers developers to realize their vision and drive innovation within the Web3 space.

    Elysium offers versatile integration options, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate the blockchain ecosystem into their projects. From leveraging Elysium nodes and RPC to utilizing the custom API, developers have the flexibility to tailor their integration approach to suit their needs.

    Web3 developers eager to revolutionize the gaming landscape can apply for the Elysium Accelerator Program today. Projects must be unique, EVM-compatible, and offer innovative solutions within the Web3 domain.

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