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    The Untamed Power of PoE Takes Over the Blockchain: GODChain

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    Gorilla DeFi presents GODChain, a transformative blockchain built on the all new Proof of Engagement (PoE) consensus mechanism. Unlike traditional chains, GODChain fosters vibrant SocialFi experiences by prioritizing user participation. Creators and users alike thrive in this decentralized ecosystem, empowered by native tokens earned through genuine engagement, creating a truly decentralized and engaging social media experience.

    What is PoE?

    Explore the dynamic world of Proof of Engagement (PoE) in action within the CryptGod ecosystem. Users earn engagement points, curate content, and participate in on-chain governance, all while enjoying tokenized rewards and a decentralized content curation system.

    Benefits of PoE:

    Earn platform tokens: User’s voice has never been more valuable. Active participation earns users platform tokens, opening doors to exclusive features, governance voting, and even trading opportunities.

    Shape the platform’s future: PoE is about taking control. High-engagement users participate in on-chain governance, influencing everything from feature development to resource allocation. This is truly a user’s platform.

    Build a more positive community: PoE incentivizes meaningful interactions, fostering a thriving community where real connections and insightful dialogues flourish.

    The Biggest Staking Platform is Coming Ahead

    Gorilla DeFi, the biggest staking platform, is set to go live on January 23, 2024, letting people earn a daily income of 0.9%, and that’s not it the platform offers flexibility with the below mentioned features:

    • 0.9% (Daily) Presale staking reward.
    • Sell presale GOD tokens For USDC anytime during presale on our IDOQS marketplace (intelligent Dynamic order queue system)
    • Presale concludes upon minting 650 million In Reward tokens, that is a period of 3 months. Following this GOD tokens are released for trading on exchanges. Coinciding with the launch of GODChain.
    • Ownership of smart contracts revoked to prevent Any manipulation.
    • GOD Token maintains its stability throughout the presale phase (1 GOD TOKEN = 1 USDC)
    • No locking period for staking, providing flexibility.

    And here’s what is truly transformative: users can exit the staking process at any time, thanks to the ingenious Intelligent Queue System (IQS). But what exactly is IQS, and how does it empower such unprecedented flexibility? Let’s dive into the details.

    IQS System: How it Tailors Your Investment

    Staking of GOD tokens comes with no lock-in period – Users have the freedom to exit the process whenever they desire. This feat is made possible by the innovative IQS system in Gorilla DeFi, enabling users to purchase their initial GOD token amount at a 1:1 ratio with USDC. Furthermore, once all 650 million tokens get minted within the period of 3 months, Gorilla DeFi plans to list the token on an exchange, marking significant news about the project’s stability.

    SocialFi Made on GODChain: CryptGOD

    CryptGOD is one of the pioneering social media platforms fueled by this GODChain technology, empowering users to connect with like-minded individuals and embrace Internet freedom. The PoE-based GODChain has revolutionized CryptGOD by addressing challenges such as defining engagement, designing the reward system, and scalability. Gorilla DeFi’s collaboration with CryptGOD underscores its commitment to innovation. This brings forth key features, including reputation tracking, decentralized content curation, tokenized rewards, on-chain governance, and mechanisms for Sybil-resistance.

    Gorilla DeFi: Trust, Stability, and Genuine Value

    The platform stands as a testament to trust, stability, and genuine value, offering numerous opportunities within the Web3 landscape. Join Gorilla DeFi and be a part of this transformative journey. Visit to learn more about the project.

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