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    AlienForm Gears Up For Official Launch

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    The crypto space is evolving at a rapid pace, with new utilities emerging nearly every day that completely shift the paradigm of what projects can achieve. However, amidst this explosion of development, many projects fail to live up to lofty promises or gain lasting traction due to a lack of focus on building genuine trust and accountability within their communities.

    AlienForm, a project built by a world-class team of top professional community members with a collective vision in mind, seeks to change this by establishing a new standard of transparency and community-driven governance.

    What is AlienForm?

    AlienForm is an innovative DeFi project founded on the core principles of community, honesty, accountability, and transparency.

    By prioritizing openness and accountability in all aspects of its operations, from its use of wallets requiring multi-sig approval from at least 3 individuals for transactions to monthly financial reporting breaking down all of the project’s expenses, Alienform aims to cultivate the trust and credibility sorely lacking in many other crypto ventures. This commitment to integrity is achieved through the project’s dedication to communal ownership, ensuring that no single person or entity retains control over the project.

    Beyond transparency, governance is community-led through a democratically-elected Board of Directors composed of experienced and trusted members. This ensures all major decisions are made collectively with input from stakeholders, rather than by a single centralized team. Their goal is aligning the project’s direction with the interests of the broader community as it evolves.

    Utility and Tokenomics of the $A4M Token

    At the heart of AlienForm is the $A4M token. Holding $A4M allows special access to the various utilities the project provides, including the Alienform Bridge for seamless cross-chain transfers at no additional fees besides gas This will be a revenue-generating utility when it is opened to bridging other tokens between chains or token-to-token.

    A multitude of other upcoming utilities include the educational initiative, AlienForm University (A4MU), which aims to give insights into trading and investing through the University’s expert professors who have over a century of experience in finance, and a tech utility which will be completely unique in the market in the form the project is presenting it. These will both also come with special advantages for $A4M token holders, although all AlienForm utilities are inclusive and available to the DeFi community as a whole.

    The token’s deflationary supply is maintained through a 3% buy and sell tax. 1% goes to liquidity pools, 1% supports marketing initiatives, and the final 1% goes to miscellaneous expenses, such as giving out prizes. This model aims to benefit holders by constantly increasing the value of their investment, while involving them in a dynamic community centered around self-determination.

    Upcoming Launch: New Vision On The Horizon

    After months of diligent development guided by its integrity-focused principles, AlienForm’s official launch is fast approaching on December 20th, 2023. From that date, AlienForm’s unique suite of token functionality will be revealed to the world, as $A4M becomes available to the DeFi space, which is set to bring with it concrete, long-term utility for holders.

    This significant event will kick off with a launch party at 5:30pm EST on December 20th within AlienForm’s global Telegram chat. It will also be livestreamed to the project’s YouTube and Discord channels to allow maximum community participation in celebrating this milestone. The official link for token launch can be found by following the link provided here:

    $A4M will launch on both Ethereum and BSC simultaneously, realizing AlienForm’s vision of accessibility, and with the AlienForm bridge already up and running smoothly, holders can easily bridge their $A4M tokens between the two networks.

    Looking to do your own research on the project and all of their unique offerings? Be sure to read AlienForm’s whitepaper to gain all the insight you need.

    A New Dawn for DeFi

    The launch of AlienForm heralds far more than the arrival of a single promising project. It represents the welcoming of a forward-thinking approach focused on cultivating sustainability, trust and empowerment of a formerly disenfranchised community. By establishing transparency as a core operating principle from day one, and prioritizing collective leadership, AlienForm aims to raise the standards of an industry still grappling with issues of integrity.

    With the innovative utilities like cross-chain connectivity and educational resources it provides, AlienForm also expands the possibilities and usefulness of blockchain for all participants. Most importantly, this launch will be an invitation for a new generation of crypto users to be a part of building an ecosystem defined by accountability to its members. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting your crypto journey, AlienForm welcomes all who wish to be involved in its revolutionary vision for the future of digital assets.

    In summary, the launch of AlienForm promises the birth of a new movement championing transparency, community empowerment and trust as the foundations for long-term sustainability in the DeFi space. AlienForm extends an open hand to all who share its principles and goals, as this innovative initiative takes flight on December 20th and begins writing its story. The future looks bright for AlienForm and the entire community.

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