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    Craig Wright Claims 2018 Will be the Year of Bitcoin Cash

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    Craig Wright has always been a controversial figure in the Bitcoin world. After successfully showing the world he is not Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright still makes some interesting comments. In his latest series of tweets, the master of deception focuses on Bitcoin Cash once again In his opinion, 2018 will be the year of BCH as the Bitcoin with the most potential. An interesting train of thought.

    Even though most people ignore Craig Wright, he still makes interesting comments. No one can deny Bitcoin in its current form isn’t suitable for anything but being a store of value. That will eventually change for the better, hopefully. However, it is evident we will need to see some changes sooner rather than later. Other competitors are not resting on their laurels whatsoever. Especially Bitcoin Cash may make a significant impact in the coming months.

    Craig Wright Continues to Favor Bitcoin Cash

    If Craig Wright is to believed, BCH is the Bitcoin fork with the most potential. Some big changes are on the horizon for this popular altcoin as we speak. A non-constrained block size is one of the big developments, to say the least. On-chain scaling is not ideal by any means, but it seems to work for this currency so far. Additionally, we will see web wallets become more secure and potentially improved coin mixers.

    We will see the following in 2018.

    Secure threshold systems to make even web wallets secure.

    Transaction blinding for increased privacy

    Improved mixers.

    All work best with low fees and open Bitcoin cash to global adoption

    — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) December 10, 2017

    Any form of Bitcoin lacks privacy and anonymity by default. This can only be achieved by mixing coins or using altcoins with such functionality. Until now, there has not been much debate regarding Bitcoin Cash and mixers. Such services will always have their place in the market. Craig Wright believes this will help proper Bitcoin Cash to become a globally adopted cryptocurrency. Only time will tell if any of this will come true, though.

    The ongoing competition between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash has been rather interesting. Both ecosystems offer something the other doesn’t It is not necessarily a matter of which one is better, but rather which one will have the majority of support. For now, that ball is still in Bitcoin’s camp. If Craig Wright is to be believed, this will change in the next year or so. An interesting development to keep an eye on, regardless of one’s feelings toward BCH.

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