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    Calvin Ayre Wants to Get Involved in Bitcoin Cash Mining

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    It seems everyone with some money to spare wants to get involved in cryptocurrency mining. Calvin Ayre is a very outspoken supporter of Bitcoin Cash. As a result, he aims to set up a new BCH mining venture in very near future. How all of this will affect the future of this altcoin, has yet to be determined. Right now, it seems evident this is positive news, although most specifics regarding this venture remain unknown. Ayre not opting for Bitcoin mining also sends a very clear signal to that community.

    Most people in the cryptocurrency world know the individual by the name of Calvin Ayre. He has built up quite a reputation over the past few years. All of that aside, Ayre is also a very outspoken supporter of Bitcoin Cash. Similar to most other enthusiasts, he feels BCH is the real Bitcoin. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, sometimes you need to put the money where your mouth is. That is exactly what the Antiguan citizen aims to do in the coming months and years.

    Calvin Ayre and Bitcoin Cash

    More specifically, he aims to create a new Bitcoin Cash mining venture. Given the appeal BCH currently has, that seems like a smart business decision. Moreover, no one can deny mining BCH is quite profitable with the right equipment and cheap electricity. Calvin Ayre is not just investing in the hardware side of things either. There are significant investments in software-based tools to prop up the Bitcoin Cash hashrate in the future.

    Moreover, it seems the team has other big plans for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem moving forward. The next big step comes in the form of improving merchant adoption. This will be done through a dedicated marketing campaign, which is scheduled to take off in the very near future. Educating retailers on why cryptocurrencies matter is an important step forward for the industry as a whole. Moreover, it will help highlight some of the benefits Bitcoin Cash brings to the table.

    It is evident things are looking pretty solid for Bitcoin Cash right now. The support of Calvin Ayre can elevate the ecosystem to a whole new level in the near future. Although it’s too early to tell how things will play out, there’s genuine reason for excitement. More specific details regarding the BCH mining operation were not made public at the time of writing. Any form of decent hashrate will help the network tremendously. There’s a long way to go until it can rival Bitcoin in this regard.

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