Monday, July 15, 2024

    SKYPLAY Raises $10 Million from LDA Capital to Grow Gaming Platform

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    SKYPLAY has received a $10 million commitment from global investment group, LDA Capital Limited, to accelerate the growth of its gaming platform by publishing more games and acquiring new users. SKYPLAY plans to continue to leverage its enthusiastic blockchain community of over 300,000 monthly active users to help bring excitement to its gaming portfolio as SKYPLAY expands its virtual playground.

    SKYPLAY offers a user-friendly platform where users can utilize the SKP coins they have acquired for various purposes within the ecosystem provided by the platform. The platform provides seamless integration between the onboarded content and SKP, allowing users to experience a wide range of services offered by each project using SKP as the underlying currency.

    Anthony Romano, Managing Partner at LDA Capital Ltd, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership with SKYPLAY as the company leads the charge among Play to Earn (“P2E”) platforms. “SKYPLAY’s expansive ecosystem offers users a variety entertainment across sports, arts and crafts, appealing to the different preferences amongst the gaming community. This multifaceted approach, along with a forum-oriented community they’ve built is extremely difficult to replicate and gives them a leg up as they publish more games and diversify their entertainment offerings.”

    Currently, SKYPLAY is servicing games in over 170 countries worldwide, with approximately 300,000 users utilizing the platform monthly. With a goal of securing over 10 million users by the end of 2024, the company is preparing an AI avatar that will serve as a metaverse platform connecting cities, humans, and the future, aiming to provide new experiences and business models. By showcasing the future of digital content through ever-evolving blockchain and AI technologies, SKYPLAY aims to grow into a platform that offers innovative experiences and diverse opportunities to its users.

    Richard Chang, CEO of SKYPLAY, mentioned, “The investment from LDA Capital will serve as a significant driving force for the future growth of SKYPLAY. I am confident that together, we will pioneer the future and become invaluable partners in our journey of growth.”

    About SKYPLAY

    SKYPLAY, a company established in July 2021, is developing a platform that integrates blockchain technology, one of the key businesses of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The platform offers various games, including Clashrow, along with the ability for users to earn coins and trade NFTs. Users can enjoy games and content while also participating in the NFT marketplace.

    About LDA

    LDA Capital is a global alternative investment group with expertise in cross-border transactions worldwide. Our team has dedicated their careers to international & cross-border opportunities having collectively executed over 250 transactions in both the public and private middle markets across 43 countries with aggregate transaction values of over US$11 billion.

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