Sunday, July 14, 2024

    Print Crypto Secures Sites, Private Equity Partner to Scale Bitcoin Mining Operations to 100 Megawatts and Beyond

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    Print Crypto, a full-spectrum Bitcoin mining service provider, is thrilled to announce the formation of PC Digital, a new entity focused on data center development & large scale mining operations. Formation of PC Digital is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between Print Crypto and a private equity partner. PC Digital will propel Print Crypto’s legacy mining and hosting operations to over 100 megawatts, setting PC Digital among top-tier US mining endeavors.

    Key to this undertaking is a negotiated energy agreement that empowers Print Crypto to provide customers greater capacity and predictable operating costs for years to come.

    Print Crypto’s CEO, Stephen Buckle, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Print Crypto has been building in all aspects of Bitcoin mining for years now. We’ve made our name establishing close relationships with our customers. We’ve built a profitable operation and we’ve helped hundreds of new miners get started. PC Digital provides us the springboard to take that customer experience to a new level.”

    This new entity enhances Print Crypto’s company values: customer focus and sustainable growth. The initial PC Digital operation will be cited in a West Texas municipality with favorable power rates and access to infrastructure. PC Digital has secured the sites, electrical infrastructure, and a power partner that brings fixed block energy rates at both distribution and transmission levels.

    PC Digital aims to optimize energy consumption, enhance operational efficiency, and drive substantial cost savings, and is committed to efficient operations that deliver customer value, minimize environmental impact, and strengthen the Bitcoin network. The new operation will come online incrementally, with existing customers activated in January 2024.

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