Tuesday, May 28, 2024

    MyShell.AI Secures $5.6 Million Seed Funding to Revolutionize the AI-Native App Landscape

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    MyShell, a decentralized and integrated platform for discovering and creating AI-native apps, has successfully raised $5.6 million in seed funding led by INCE Capital, with participation from Folius Ventures, Hashkey Capital, SevenX Ventures, TSVC, OP Crypto, and other investors. These funds will be mainly used to develop proprietary AI models, Creator Studio for AI-native apps, and establish a thriving creator ecosystem on the blockchain.

    Harnessing advancements in Generative AI, including Large Language Models (LLM), Image Generation, and Voice Cloning, MyShell is on a mission to enable anyone, regardless of their technical prowess, to transition into a ‘super creator’ of AI-native applications. This initiative promises not only to unlock a fresh surge of creativity but also to catalyze a boom in novel applications across various domains.

    MyShell’s vision for its creator economy stands apart from the present-day AI landscape that wrestles with centralization, misaligned incentives, and deep-rooted concerns over user data privacy. MyShell’s core philosophy revolves around fostering an equitable creator ecosystem.

    “By democratizing access to cutting-edge Generative AI tools and anchoring creator ownership and fair remuneration in a blockchain-empowered creator economy, we’re paving the way for an unprecedented surge of innovative use cases”, stated MyShell Co-founder Ethan.

    Since its inception in April, MyShell has rapidly attracted a community of over 400,000 users and more than 30,000 creators, making it the largest AI community within Web3. The team behind MyShell is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and distinguished AI researchers from prestigious institutions such as MIT, Princeton, and Oxford. They have developed proprietary AI models for Voice Cloning/TTS, achieving state-of-the-art performance and cost efficiency. Specialized LLM models designed for role-playing and character creation are set to be released soon.

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