Monday, July 15, 2024

    IPwe Expands into Japan

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    IPwe Inc., a global innovation leader in AI and blockchain-based IP analytics software and services, announced today the opening of its new office in Tokyo. IPwe’s expansion will support Japan’s overwhelming and widespread adoption of IP digital transformation, or IP Dx, and the country’s goal to become a fully integrated, “ultra-smart society.”

    IPwe has spent almost 15 years developing and perfecting its flagship AI and blockchain-based Smart Intangible Asset Management (SIAM) solution. Japanese innovation leaders have already recognized SIAM as a comprehensive SaaS solution for Japanese companies to value, manage, and transact their significant IP assets, even though it has yet to be formally launched. SIAM further leverages dynamic NFTs, IPwe Digital Assets, to securely capture, develop, and manage each IP asset’s lifecycle data, including valuation and transaction history, to ensure accurate and transparent tracking of assets and enable IP Dx worldwide.

    In June 2021, significant revisions were made to Japan’s Corporate Governance Code, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accountability in the management of IP. The revisions mandate that publicly traded companies disclose strategies for managing and utilizing IP and intangible assets and implement governance structures to ensure appropriate evaluation by investors and financial institutions. IPwe’s solutions offer Japanese innovators a way to easily comply with Japan’s Corporate Governance Code with an efficient, transparent, and effective mechanism to manage and utilize their IP assets.

    “Japanese companies have consistently been at the forefront of innovation, ranking 13th on the Global Innovation Index 2022. It only makes sense for IPwe to establish a physical presence in Tokyo to support this innovation,” said Leann Pinto, President of IPwe. “At a time when Japanese companies are facing challenges to understand and demonstrate compliance with the Corporate Governance Code, IPwe is formally launching its flagship IP valuation, management, and transaction solution, SIAM. We have already received a great response to our solutions in Japan and are excited to announce definitive partnerships with some of Japan’s most important innovators in the coming weeks.”

    “Unlike other IP management systems, SIAM uniquely enables Japanese businesses to efficiently utilize their IP and expand their technological capabilities globally through SIAM,” said Satoshi Watanabe, Managing Director of Japan. “IPwe looks forward to fostering the IP Dx in Japan.”

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