Tuesday, July 23, 2024

    Breinrock joins the Layer2 Financial network for Cross Border Payments

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    Another fintech solutions provider has turned to Layer2 Financial to expand their cross border payments capabilities. Breinrock has joined the Layer2 Financial network to further revolutionize the movement of money across borders, with a focus on simplicity, speed, and delivering on the opportunities of digital currency.

    Founded three years ago with a mission to facilitate cross-payment exchanges, Breinrock specializes in connecting corporate clients engaged in trading goods and services, globally.

    “Traditional payment methods are adding unnecessary delays for global businesses, often taking 2-3 days for money to move from one account to another,” says Zoran Zoran Radovanovic, CEO of Breinrock. “Our partnership with Layer2 Financial will transform the norm to a mere 2-3 hours.”

    Breinrock holds licenses in the US, Canada, UAE, and Europe, and will leverage Layer2’s payment rails and existing partnerships to facilitate seamless transactions across various geographies.

    “We’re thrilled to have Breinrock join the Layer2 network”, says Ryan Miller, Chief Revenue Officer of Layer2 Financial. “They understand the importance of engaging fiat, digital currencies, and blockchain into the money movement processes as they were originally intended — as accessible, traceable, and dependable methods of payment. We look forward to helping them move money for their global clients, faster than ever.”

    Radovanovic says Breinrock’s decision to partner with Layer2 is rooted in trust. Both companies prioritize their clients and share a longstanding relationship built on mutual respect. Additionally, the alignment in product offerings and the ability to navigate across different geographies were key factors in selecting Layer2 as their strategic partner.

    About Layer2 Financial

    Layer2 is a next generation Payments Infrastructure. Our multi-partner, redundant platform is designed to provide payment processors, fintechs, neobanks and banks with fully compliant Collections, PayOuts, FX, Cross Border payment services.

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