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    Breaking Boundaries: Taisu Ventures Co-hosts Web3 Hackathon with TreeHacks at Stanford

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    Taisu Ventures is helping to build the blockchain ecosystem by co-hosting a web3 track in the 36-hour hackathon together with TreeHacks at Stanford.

    Taisu Ventures is a chain-agnostic web3 Venture Capital fund set to co-host one of the most prominent hackathons globally, teaming up with TreeHacks at Stanford for an extraordinary event taking place from February 16th to 18th, at the esteemed Stanford University Campus. As the driving force behind the web3 track, Taisu Ventures aims to inspire hackers to transcend boundaries, delving into verticals such as DeFi, gaming, and user platforms throughout the 36-hour hacking weekend. Participants can anticipate a weekend with high-intensity, featuring engaging workshops, enlightening panel discussions, and culminating in the presentation of coveted golden prizes to the most outstanding hacks.

    Taisu Ventures: an early-stage web3 investor, investing globally in infrastructure, DeFi, gaming, and user platforms.

    Taisu Ventures is a Venture Capital firm that supports entrepreneurs dedicated to building the future with blockchain technologies. Taisu Ventures invests mainly in the early-stage startups chain-agnostically. With a team of experts with profound knowledge and experience in business development, engineering, and finance in web3, the team is committed to helping their portfolio companies grow and scale by providing access to expertise across all stages of the business while building the blockchain ecosystem globally. Taisu Ventures is on a mission to bridge all the blockchain ecosystems across the globe by connecting entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, and industry leaders with their network in Asia, the US, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

    Taisu Ventures is sponsoring the Unchained Business Forum with UCLA Anderson on the 2nd of February in Los Angeles and co-hosting Web3/AI Summit with TEAMZ in Tokyo on April 13-14. Reach out to our team if you are in the area, and would like to join us.


    TreeHacks, Stanford University’s flagship student-led hackathon, is gearing up for its 10th anniversary edition, poised to be the largest iteration to date. Drawing in over 1500 of the brightest engineering students from around the world, this milestone event empowers participants to envision a better world and bring their ideas to life within the compressed time frame of 36 hours. Last year’s edition boasted impressive statistics, with 1200 hackers, a notable 110 mentors, a staggering 300 final projects submitted, and an average of 45 projects vying for each company prize. The event distributed a remarkable $165,000 in prizes, underlining its significance in the hackathon landscape.

    This year, TreeHacks received over 10,000 applications, so the standards will be high. Do you want to become a mentor or judge?

    Attendance can only be confirmed through the Application form.

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